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QB 2019 (Mac) Upgrade effecting Undeposited Funds

I have a bizarre problem, and I am almost positive it was a change in how QB 2019 handles things.


I was looking at my balance sheet and I show almost 10k in undeposited funds. What is strange, there is a zero balance in the undeposited funds on the chart of accounts.


This started to be a problem the day after I upgraded from QB 2016 (Mac) to QB 2019 (Mac). 


I have attached an export of my undeposited funds (all sensitive info stripped). I have highlighted on 3/18 when it started to veer off. But like I said, I have nothing to deposit and it shows nothing in the chart of accounts. I even looked to see if there was another asset account with the same ending balance, and there is not.


Any ideas what might be going on? My typical workflow is, create sales receipts for the day (which hits undeposited funds), then do my deposit in bulk (usually 2 days later), which hits the bank and then should zero out the undeposited funds account... which it did until the upgrade.

I am a NOVICE when it comes to QB and accounting, so it could be my doing. But I am at a loss and don't want to continue digging a hole or even worse, reporting double income.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: QB 2019 (Mac) Upgrade effecting Undeposited Funds

I have replicated your workflow and was able to get a zero balance for both Balance Sheet report and Chart of Accounts, FlyingScott. 


In addition, I looked into our list of reported issues, and didn't find any similar concerns as yours.


It's possible that there's a damaged component that caused the discrepancies on both reports. We can fix it by running the verify and rebuild data process to check the issue and how to resolve it. 


If the same thing happens, I recommend reaching out to our phone support team. Here's how: 

  1. Click this link:
  2. Choose QuickBooks Mac Desktop as your product. 
  3. Then, select the hyperlinked Company file and scroll down to the page to get the phone number.

I'll be around to assist you if you have further questions.