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Question About "Inventory Stock Status By Item" Report

Hi  -


I have a question about how "Available" is calculated in the "Inventory Stock Status By Item" report.  


This appears to be the current formula used in Quickbooks  Enterprise:


On Hand - For Assemblies (To Be Built + On Pending Builds) - Sales Order = Available.


I don't think "To Be Built" (which is picked up in the "For Assemblies" column) should be lowering the "Available" quantity.


For example, let's say this is the data. 

To keep it simple, we'll assume no Sales Order yet.


On Hand = 100

To Be Built = 35

On Pending Builds = 10

For Assemblies* (To Be Built + On Pending Builds) =  35 + 10 = 45

*This is how it's currently calculated in Quickbooks Enterprise.


Current calculation:  100-45  (To Be Built+On Pending Builds) = 55 Available


I think it should be: 100- 10 (On Pending Builds) = 90 Available


The “To Be Built” should not take away from what we have “Available”. 

Once the "To Be Built" are complete, that will boost the On Hand and Available anyway.  This is unlike "On Pending Builds", items that are being consumed to make an item.


As you can see, there is a big difference from thinking you have only 55 “Available” when really you have 90 “Available”.

(Just a fyi to anyone following along, to see specific quantities for an item you can go to  Inventory – Item List – and then type in and look up an item number.  There you can see fields “On Hand”, “To Be Built”, “On Pending Builds”, etc.  If you don’t see those fields, just click on the row, right click your mouse, choose “Customize Columns”, then choose the fields you want to see.)


(The attached image has different numbers because it's an actual example.)


My preference settings for "When calculating Quantity Available for my inventory, deduct:" have both of these checked "Quantity reserved for Pending Builds" and "Quantity on Sales Orders."  I'm ok with the quantity "On Pending Builds"  being deducted.  The issue is that "To Be Built" should not be deducted.  It doesn't make sense to deduct "To Be Built".

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Re: Question About "Inventory Stock Status By Item" Report

I use premier so maybe something is different in enterprise, I have one column, for assemblies

that number comes from pending builds, you have told QB you will need those items in the future for a build

On sales order means you have promised that qty to a customer

So qty available is the qty remaining that is not "reserved" for a customer or build.

Actually QB does not reserve anything, even if the qty need for a build is 5, and 5 are stocked, you can sell those 5

In menu edit>preference>inventory>company tab you can select whether or not you use on sales order and pending builds in the available calculation.

Would you post a screen shot of the report showing a column for to be built, and for assemblies?

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Re: Question About "Inventory Stock Status By Item" Report

Hi  Rustler -


Thank you for your feedback.  As requested, I've posted screenshots.  Also, I've reviewed my settings.   My settings show "When calculating Quantity Available for my inventory, deduct:   Quantity reserved for Pending Builds and Quantity on Sales Orders". 


I understand if the quantity for "On Pending Builds" is deducted because those items will be consumed to make a different item.  The issue is that the "To Be Built" quantity should Not be deducted from "Available".  "To Be Built" implies that more of an item is in the works.  Once "To Be Built" is complete, it will boost the "On Hand" and  therefore "Available" quantities.

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Re: Question About "Inventory Stock Status By Item" Report

When will "Availability" quantity in Quickbooks Enterprise (QE) be fixed on the Inventory Stock Status By Item report?    Interestingly, the "Availability" quantity appears to be correct in other sections of QE.    


Will the problem be fixed in the release of  the 2019 Quickbooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Question About "Inventory Stock Status By Item" Report

Hey there, @Dav.


Allow me to share additional insight into the Inventory Stock Status By Item report. The report shows any and all inventory statuses that would affect quantity on hand for an item. This includes "to be built" and "pending builds" for assemblies.


You're right in stating the "to be built" will later increase the available quantity, however, because these items have not been completed, the assemblies are not yet available. "To be built," like "pending builds," refers to anything that has not yet been finished, but in this case has been noted as being sold in the future. In addition, similar reports may show differently, as they gather and organize the same data, but for different purposes.


The point you're trying to make is not lost on me, however. I also see how this can be beneficial to a business to not have "to be built" included with the other data. What I've gone ahead and done for you, is submit feedback to the Product Development team to have them take a look at this. Even though QuickBooks 2019 has already been rolled out, it's not too late to have your voice heard, and this is the best way to go about that.


I hope this helps to clear up any questions about the Inventory Stock Status By Item report. Should you have any further inquiries about this or anything else QuickBooks, don't hesitate to reach out to me here in the Community!

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Re: Question About "Inventory Stock Status By Item" Report

Please don't shut your mind and blindly regurgitate answers. This is a major problem with Quickbooks and it is causing our company some major problems with inventory management. 


I'm going to restate the question referencing the "Build Assembly" screen. Go to a build assembly and populate it with a build and make the build a pending build with the build amount set to "1".


In the upper right hand corner of the build, it lists the:

quantity on hand

quantity reserved for other assemblies

quantity available


For my item it lists:

Quantity on Hand: 200

Quantity Reserved for Other Assemblies: 10

Quantity Available: 190


Now click Build and New and then navigate back to this build.

It now Lists 

Quantity on Hand: 200

Quantity Reserved for Other Assemblies: 11

Quantity Available: 189


So, effectively making a pending build of an assembly reduces the quantity available of that assembly by 1.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Question About "Inventory Stock Status By Item" Report

Hey @Anonymous,


We are striving hard to provide on-point answers to our customers' concerns. All your comments and suggestions are important for us to provide you with the best product.


Your Quantity Reserved for Other Assemblies denotes the number of items that are available for your builds. Whenever you mark a build as pending, it adds to your reserved quantity.


Also, even if it deducts your Quantity Available, you can always sell your assemblies.


Please let me know if you have other concerns.

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