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question regarding account receivable

Hi everyone,
I am looking for following question.
For account receivable can we make linking customer optional ?

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QuickBooks Team

question regarding account receivable

I've got here some information about optional linking of customers for Account Receivable (A/R) in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), @ashwini_t. This way, you're able to organize your transactions accordingly.


When you're creating a sales transaction (i.e., invoice), you'll have to link a customer to successfully record your income. Linking a customer to A/R is essential and is part of your usual workflow in QBDT. This way, you can organize your cash flow, and track sales, receivables, and profitability more accurately.


Also, if you wish to know the different ways you can track customer transactions in QBDT, you can refer to this article: Accounts Receivable Workflows.


I'm happy to offer assistance again if you have more questions for QuickBooks Desktop. Post a new thread or reply here and I'm just around to help. Take care always.

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question regarding account receivable

my question is
Our system uses QuickBooks for accounting purpose
We do send vendor but for customer we haven't developed any code
So when we try to sync our data having Account receivable chart account associated then it gives us error as follows:

A/R detail line must have customer

Is there any workaround available that we will be able to sync our data against Account Receivable chart of account without Customer ?

Level 1

question regarding account receivable

I want to sync data against Account receivables without mapping customer to it

QuickBooks Team

question regarding account receivable

Good day, @ashwini_t.


Thank you for posting in the Community. I'd be glad to help you sync data with Accounts Receivable.


Accounts Receivable is the account for sales transactions imported that are posted to an account. Also, it requires a customer name to be specified.


Let me show you how to add multiple customers:


  1. Access the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window.
  2. Select the List drop-down. Then select the list you want to work on.
  3. You can filter it to see a particular record or set of records if you have existing records.
  4. Add or edit entries in the list.
  5. Click on Save changes.
  6. Fix any errors that might appear.
  7. Select Save Changes.

Please feel free to read these handy articles for your reference:

Add and edit multiple customers, vendors, and items

IIF Overview: import kit, sample files, and headers


You can leave a comment if you have further questions. Stay safe and have a good one!

Community Champion

question regarding account receivable

Every transaction that uses your Accounts Receivable account must use a customer. There is no way to make it optional.


If you don't want to track your Accounts Receivable by customer in QuickBooks, you can set up a generic customer and use it over and over.


Why don't you want to use customers?

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