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Unbelievable this still isn't fixed.  Obviously we need to look into other solutions such as wave.  Quickbooks doesn't care about its customers.  I just had a customer service rep lie to me in a chat saying if I paid more money for advance this is a feature they provide.  LOL . What a lie.


This isn't the type of service we want you to experience, @Kevdesh4.


I understand that customizing your default Location of Sale address on your customer's invoice is beneficial to your business. Please know that we have an advance subscription that'll help you personally customize the content of your customer's invoice.


If you wish to do so, you can visit our QuickBooks Online Plans and Pricing page for additional insights and learn more about the comparison of your subscription.


Know that you can always visit our Help Articles page for QuickBooks Online in case you need some tips and related articles for your future tasks.


If there's anything else that I can help you with, please let me know in the comment section down below. I'll be always around ready to help.

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Easiest work around i found is just type the 5 digit zip code of the customer in this field and it will calculate the tax.


but it's silly....  QB please just fix it already for all us service businesses.



Level 1

Please make sure this feature is created ASAP! Our company is based out of a truck that drives from shop to shop to sell supplies. None of our invoices used the same two addresses in a row. Location of sale is at each shop we stop at. We make transactions in 15+ different counties. Has this been fixed since this feed was originally started?

QuickBooks Team

Hi there, LeahBC.


I can see how having the option about default Location of Sale address on your customer's invoice would be helpful for you and to your business.
I'll do take note of this and pass along the suggestion to our product developers. QuickBooks is constantly changing and evolving based largely on the suggestions and requests of users, like yourself.


I'd suggest visiting our QuickBooks Blog regularly. This way you'll be updated with the latest news and updates including product improvements.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.
Level 1

I made the mistake of upgrading my Tax Center and now this is happening to me. What used to be quick and easy task of creating invoices has now turned into a fiasco of clicks and workarounds just to get the right tax location. I am a services company and I need to collect tax based upon the location of my customer, and since my customers span 50+ city/county combinations across the state, using Quickbooks is now MORE DIFFICULT than pen and paper. I will quit Quickbooks if I have to deal with this for more than a month, as I don't have time to tinker around with something as basic as 'tax my customer location' rather than my office location.


And stop blaming the devs, I work in a software company and it is the Product Manager's job to prioritize customer impacting issues for resolution. The PM for this feature has failed to fix something simple for nearly a year and should be replaced during annual calibrations.

Level 1

Its been almost a year since this has been brought up. Are we getting a solution? For those of us running a service business, this is unacceptable. I cannot change the sales tax rate at all in the mobile app, which means the only way I can get my techs to collect the proper sales tax is to have them login to the website. What is the point of having the mobile app then? How has this not been addressed yet? 

QuickBooks Team

We're taking notes of your suggestions and feedback, Climatespcs.


Our product engineers are considering all suggestions based on the number of requests and their impacts on the user interface before they're rolled out.


I know how important it is for you to have an option to edit a sales tax rate in your mobile app. However, at this time, we can only change a sales tax rate by logging into your QuickBooks account through browsers.


Also, I want to let you know that your voice matters and I'm submitting feedback directly to our product engineers for consideration. For now, you can visit our blog site so you'll be able to get the latest news about QuickBooks and what our Product Care Team is working on. 


If you have other concerns, just comment below or post again. I'll be sure to get back to you. Have a good one.

Level 1

Here's my problem - I have one quickbooks account, but have multiple retail locations.  So I may be selling from any one of 5 different locations (all within the same tax agency location, but different city rates), but the sales tax feature only lets me have one location of sale.  So if its not from the default location I have to manually type in the other sales location every time.  Very time consuming.  There has to be a way to have additional locations of sale.



QuickBooks Team

Hi there, @derekgarber.


You can set up and use the location tracking to categorize your sales from different locations. Let me walk you through the steps.


Before we proceed, please know that this feature is only available for QuickBooks Online (QBO) Plus and Advanced.


To get started, let's first turn on the location tracking feature. Here's how:


  1. In your QBO account, click the Gear icon, then select Account and Settings.1.PNG
  2. Select Advanced from the left menu.
  3. In the Categories section, click the pencil icon to edit.
  4. Put a checkmark in the Track locations checkbox.
  5. Click Save, then Done.2.PNG

After turning on the feature, you can now add a location for each sale you want to track.


  1. Click the Gear icon, then select All Lists.3.PNG
  2. Select Locations and click the New button.4.PNG
  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the location.Capture.PNG
  4. Put a checkmark on the location information checkboxes.
  5. Click Save.                                                  6.PNG

Here's an article you can read for more details: Set up and use location tracking.


You might also want to check out this article to know how to customize sales forms by location.


Please know you can continue to reach me here with any additional questions. Thanks for coming to the Community, wishing you continued success.

Level 1

Thank you, I did that but when I change the sales location in the actual sales receipt, it does not update the address in the "Location of sale" box which drives the sales tax calculation.  The address just keeps the original business address.  I need the "Location of sale" box address to update based on the location I select.


Hello there, derekgarber,


QuickBooks Online uses the default business address in your settings to the sales forms. If you want to track the location of sale, you can run the Sales by Location Detail report. This report provides the total unit and sales amounts for each location. It's also grouped per location.


Here's how:

  1. Click Reports on the left pane.
  2. Type Sales by Location Detail on the search box.
  3. Click to open the report.

Furthermore, I will surely bring this up to our Product Development Team. We're always working to improve the features that you need for your business. Your feedback helps us create a better experience for you and other customers.


Let me know if you have additional concerns.

Level 1

Ok, yes I understand, but there is currently no way to change the address in the "location of sale" box without manually re-typing it every time?  The sales tax won't change unless I re-type the correct address in there.  How are retail businesses with multiple sales locations supposed to do that every time?

QuickBooks Team

We'll have to manually re-enter the sales location, derekgarber. 


The option to set a default sales location is unavailable. We currently sent this product suggestion to our engineers attaching this thread as their reference. For updates with the implementation, you can check out our QuickBooks Blog


Thanks for your patience while our engineers are looking into this feedback. 

Level 2

We also need to have the Location of Sale automatically default to the address in the Ship To Address box on each invoice.  Otherwise it does not calculate the correct sales tax for the cities/states we ship to.


Is QBO working on this?  It seems like this thread has been going on for several months!


QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Thanks for checking in with us, leslie89.


I know having the option to default the customer's address on the Location of Sale field would be helpful to your business. I'll personally share your product suggestion to our engineers regarding this one.


In the meantime, you can manually change the location in the field since QuickBooks Online (QBO) uses the address on your account. This way, the sales tax calculation will be based on the address of your customer.


You can also customize sales forms by location to track sales by a specific site. Just check out this article for the step and details: Customize Sales Forms by Location.


Please visit our QuickBooks Blog regularly to keep you updated with the latest news and updates including product improvements.


I'm always available here to lend a helping hand if you need anything else in QBO. Thank you for bringing us your questions.

Level 1

I just wanted to throw out there that my client is running into this same issue. Please Quickbooks, get this fixed ASAP. There are so many service-based businesses that need this to be working correctly, and it makes no sense that a team of developers created a sales tax module, and this just happened to be an oversight. I suggest that whenever the dev team decides to create a new system, to please connect with their customers and get feedback before forcing the rest of your customers into a system that is broke before its released.



Draft Air Mech
Level 1

Since it's been a year and they don't care to fix this had anyone decided to try another service and run from QBO? I won't wait another month before moving from them unless they are able to add a simple button to select the billing address. I am in service as well and most of the addresses are where the work is being done. I have a few clients that are property management but I'm able to make a sub account and bill at the location of work being done.

Level 1

It is incredibly frustrating that there is not a solution to this issue yet.  Huge overlook by developers when not considering how sales tax works for service based businesses!  Somewhere in the process for development for a sales tax function should be a step to ensure it is understood how sales tax works!!  When will this be resolved Quickbooks?  This is not the first issue that the sales tax upgrade has created.  I have regulatory agency reporting issues since the upgrade.  I reported the issue almost daily for several months because I was advised by Quickbooks staff that was the best way to get a change up the priority list (the more reports of issues, the higher it goes).  Gave up on that after receiving no feedback of a change.  I have created a manual workaround to achieve what should be possible within the software.  As reported by others in this thread, this is making service based businesses work harder to achieve a smooth and simple experience for their customers as well as a smooth and simple experience in accounting tasks.

Level 1

Its been 419 days since this issue was known. I have lurked for a while but made an account to let you know there are more of us out here with this issue. We need it to be fixed. How hard can it be for the soft eng to add?? Its a few lines of code to what you already have. Quickbooks is the gold standard of accounting databases for small biz etc, and with this level of attention to customer needs it will not be for long. Please, fixed this ASAP. 

Millwright Solutions
Level 1

I have a service business as well.  I hate this change they implemented.  Today, I can't even change the sales location to my customers address because it keeps reverting back to my home office when I try to hit save!  I can't invoice anything now.  Maybe if I wait a day the glitch will heal itself.


Quickbooks really screwed this up.  Why is this a 'feature'?  Let the business owner decide the tax rate themselves on each invoice!  If we mess up, that's between us and the IRS.

Michael K

Happy to have you here in the Community, @Millwright Solutions.


How are you on this awesome Friday evening? Hope all is well. I'm here to help you get back to business.


If you're having difficulty changing the sales location on an Invoice, I recommend trying to clear your browser's cache and cookies. Your browser stores these files to speed up websites, but over time they can accumulate and expire to an extent that will result in issues on websites like QuickBooks Online. Clearing them out is super easy and only takes a few moments. Just choose your preferred browser below to get the steps:



That's it! If you'd only like to clear cache and cookies for Intuit-specific websites, you can check out: Clear Intuit-specific cookies from your browser


Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to ensure your continued success. Have a great weekend!

Draft Air Mech
Level 1

This "fix" didn't work it still shows the location of sale as the business address. Also the application still has the old style of tax but then when you save the invoice it screws it all up.

Level 2

I am having a similar issue. We usually charge taxes/file taxes based on "location of sale". We are an installation company, so we do installations in various locations, states etc. The tax used to automatically adjust based on "location of sale" which is the location we have done the installation. 


Now when I save the invoice, it is messing with our taxes and changing the "location of sale" to "shipping from" and taxing based on our state. I going in and manually adjusting the tax however it is still reverting. I have unchecked the shipping box, checked the invoice template and nothing is fixing this problem. I called Quickbooks for assistance. They did not/could not help and all. 



Level 2

This option has still not been added.


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