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How to assign invoices and expense to one of the employee?

We have a multi-member LLC, we are 2 in this LLC and we do not have any payroll. Is it possible to assign invoices and expenses to one of the employee only to make it easier for taxes at the end of the year? 

We do not reimburse any of the expenses, for now we pay it out of our pocket, but we want to track all that. 

We have the Quickbooks simple start.

Thank you,

QuickBooks Team

How to assign invoices and expense to one of the employee?

Hi there, digitalmlab.


For now, we aren't able to assign expenses and invoices to an employee. Invoices can only be assigned to customers, while expenses can only be used for vendors and suppliers. 


You might want to consider upgrading to QuickBooks Online Plus. This version offers billable expenses as well as class tracking capability. This will let you easily track client-related expenses.


Please check out these guide articles for more details: 


The Community is always here if you have follow-up questions. Thanks for dropping by. 

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How to assign invoices and expense to one of the employee?

Will client-related expenses help me to assign it to an employee? I didn't see that clients could be assigned to an employee anywhere. I don't need more options not related to that, I just want to make sure that Quickbooks will help us to track everything and make our tax filling easier.

QuickBooks Team

How to assign invoices and expense to one of the employee?

Hi digitalmlab,


The client-related expenses that JenoP mentioned will let you track your expenses that are reimbursable by your client. This will let you make them billable to the clients. On the other hand, in Class and Location tracking feature, you can make the employee name as a class of location. Then, you can assign it to your invoices or expenses. When you run a transaction by class or location, you can get the list of transactions for that employee.


I acknowledge that you don't want to use payroll and upgrade your subscription, so I have a different option for you. How about we enter the employee's name in the Memo field of your expense transactions? Then, you can run the Transaction List by Vendor report and add the Memo column to it. With this, you'll see the list of transactions with that tag the employee's name, you can export the report to Excel and filter the transactions with the name.


For invoices, there ins't a Memo field, so we'll create a custom field where you can enter the employee's name on every invoice transaction.


Here's how to create it:

  1. Click the Gear icon and choose Accounts and Settings.
  2. Click on Sales and click anywhere on t he Sales form content section.
  3. Name one of the three fields as Employee, Sales Rep, or anything you like.
  4. Place a check mark in the Internal and Public check boxes.
  5. Click Save and Close.

When you create an invoice, you'll see the field you create above the item table. You'll want to enter the employee's name in it.


For the report, you can run the Transaction List by Customer and add the field name as another column. You can do this by clicking the smaller gear icon, and placing a check mark in the field name. Then, to filter the transactions that tags the employee, you can export the report to Excel.


You can always visit us here if ever you have other questions.

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