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Journal Entries on AP account

There are some journal entries sitting in a particular vendor account. The account is the credit card-as-vendor and it looks like there was some confusion over entering the actual payments on the card and an entry was done to correct it. The credit card account itself was reconciled successfully, as was the checking account from which the payment was made, but there are 2 entries I can't figure out what to do with. When I click on the vendor name in the Vendor Center, the amount of the entries show as balance. 

Entries are as follows: They debit the actual credit card and credit the Accounts Payable. The Accounts Payable line shows the cc-as-vendor under Name.

How do I clear these so that the vendor shows a $0 balance? 


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Re: Journal Entries on AP account

Two strikes against you already - one for putting a CC account in as an AP vendor, second for using JE to make AP entries - both are NoNos.  Stop doing this - the CC system on its own works fine.

To fix your problem my guess is that there are 'unapplied' offsetting items in the CCvendor. Open PayBills, select that vendor, sselect any unpaid bills then 'apply credits'

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Re: Journal Entries on AP account

Believe me, there's a lot of strikes going on. Since I took this job 8 weeks ago, I have been fixing things in QB to bring it up to date. But this one has me stumped. The only thing showing on the account for the credit card/vendor are the two journal entries. There are no pending items, no credits to apply. 


I have no clue how to clean this one up. 

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Re: Journal Entries on AP account

Not clear on the situation. Vendor AP balance should be zero but isnt - or AP balance is nil but there are open items that wont clear??
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Re: Journal Entries on AP account

Vendor Balance should be zero. Their account shows 2 separate journal entries: both as follows:


Debit: Credit Card account 

Credit:  Accounts Payable

Name: CC/vendor


The amount debited/credited shows up in the AP as unpaid


The entries go back to last August. We haven't closed 2018 yet so I'm wondering if I should just unreconcile through then and start over and maybe be able to void the journal entries and enter the info correctly.

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