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Quickbooks payment terms on IIF files

Is there a way to change the payment terms for multiple invoices from an imported IIF file? All of my customers are set to terms net 30.  For some reason when I try to view overdue invoices it still shows invoices that are not overdue and they are invoices I have imported.  If I click on the invoice there aren’t any terms set.  Is there another way to fix this other than opening each individual invoice and changing the terms one by one?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Quickbooks payment terms on IIF files

Hello Shannon701,


At this time, you'll need to manually change each invoice's payment term to correct your records. I can send a product request directly to our engineers in your behalf regarding this option. They can consider this feature added in the future update.


You might want to read this article for future reference: Income and expenses.


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