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Shopify and Amazon integration?

Do you have to have QB online in order to intergrate shopify or amazon orders into QB?


There are several apps on Shopify but they have terrible reviews and I have had bad luck with QB Online. Is there simply a QB import template that can be used? For example-export orders from shopify to CVC file and then import it to QB desktop?


Thank you for any help you can offer me! 

QuickBooks Team

Shopify and Amazon integration?

Hi there, @BEllison.


It's nice to see you here in the Community. You've got me here to helps share some information about importing templates in QuickBooks Desktop.


At this time being able to import a template from a third party application isn't available in QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks only supports .IIF and CSV file when importing data/templates. 


However, you can check out some QuickBooks applications that supports importing templates from Shopify. To do that, please visit this link: Apps for QuickBooks Desktop.


Also, I'd encourage you to visit the What's New section on your QuickBooks to keep updated on our latest news and updates including product improvements. 


To do that:

  1. Click on Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Select on New Features.
  3. Click on What's New.

whats new.PNG

This should get you moving today.


Feel free to reach back out to me if you have any other questions with importing templates by leaving a reply below. I'll be around to help. Have a great day.

Level 2

Shopify and Amazon integration?

Thank you for trying to help. Here is another question for you. It seems that I am almost forced to move to QB online because of its features and apps especially when it comes to shopify and amazon. I have used QB online before and everything got so out of whack I stopped using it. Well the same thing happened again but I fill like there isn't an alternative. Is there someone available to import my data and make sure everything imports correctly and reflects the same data as my desktop version?

QuickBooks Team

Shopify and Amazon integration?

Thanks for getting back, BEllison.


This question seems to be a duplicate one. I saw a previous post of yours that I already answered. This link will direct you to that thread:


The Community team is always here to help.

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