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Trail Balance for the period transactions.

The trail balance for the period is required. 

even on the customized dates, the balance of accounts is appearing as of! it should be a period transaction with opening & closing.


please help 

Level 12

Re: Trail Balance for the period transactions.

Trial Balance by definition and use is the sum of the debits compared to sum of credits during a period and each line entry is itself an ending balance as of the report date. Only ending balance is included in the report since you are trying to prove equal balance on an as of date. It is presumed that your beginning, so to speak, trial for the period is already in balance and thus foes not need to be included. The report as produced by QuickBooks, to my knowledge, is correct

Level 1

Re: Trail Balance for the period transactions.

Hi, i think i havent communicated the issue nicely.


for the balance sheet account, it is alright as you have mentioned. but for the profit and loss account, the sum of debit and credit for the period should be shown only.

if not? how will you make your profit & loss for the specific month or period?


on the filtering the trial balance date as December 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018

the data of both b/s & P & l gl account is shown up the sum of debit/credit as of date.

while for the balance sheet gl a/c its fine, but for p & l gl a/c it incorrect 


i can refer many of accounting solution to back my question. 

sample TB from sage Intacct attached



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Re: Trail Balance for the period transactions.

Yes. You're right. Even I need monthly TB in case for profit & loss items to make monthly statements. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Trail Balance for the period transactions.

Thank you for sharing your feedback, @kajalkhatri.


A trial balance report summarizes the debit and credit balances of each account on your chart of accounts during a period of time. When running this report, you can always customize the report period to have your monthly Trial Balance report.


For more information about generating reports in QBO, you can read through this useful article: Available Reports


Stay in touch if you have other concerns by leaving a comment below. I'm always glad to help in any way I can.​ Have a great rest of the day. 

Level 2

Re: Trail Balance for the period transactions.

Thank you for responding, I tried customising the date but Profit & Loss figures are cumulative from start of the financial year, not the selected period. 


When we look at monthly Financial Statements, 

Balance sheet has to be closing balance of Assets and Liabilities however, when it comes to ledgers that belong to Profit and Loss account(Activity) i.e. nature of revenue or expense those has to for that period. Because if you notice we never carry forward balances of ledgers of those nature, except the net balance of Profit and loss/ Retained Earnings. 


I believe that needs to be upgraded. 

Secondly, can you please help me: if I need to post suggestions for features where can  post the same? ( a link to the page will be great)




QuickBooks Team

Re: Trail Balance for the period transactions.

I appreciate you getting back to us, @kajalkhatri.


The Trial Balance report is designed to show all running balances of the accounts. Thus, changing the date range of the reporting period to a monthly basis won't change the running balances.


As an alternative, you can consider pulling up and customizing the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet report. This way, you'll be able to see the revenue or expense of each account within a specific period. Here's how:


  1. From the left menu, click Reports.
  2. Search for Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet.
  3. In the Report period section, select the specific month you want to show.
  4. Click Run report.

I've got you an article for more details: Customize your Reports in QuickBooks Online.


On the other hand, you can go to the Gear icon to submit your feedback or suggestion from there. Let me guide you how.


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Feedback.
  3. Enter your suggestion, then click Next.
  4. Select Skip and send message.

Or you can also directly submit your feedback request through this link:


In case you want to memorize reports in the future, you can check out this article for more guidance: Memorize Reports.


Just hit the Reply button if you have any other questions. I'll be right here to help.

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