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Using QB alongside existing medical billing software

Brand new QB Mac 2019 user here:

We run a small office with a very simple income stream. We want to implement QB to make tax season super fast and simple but don't need to track every single "customer", aka patient, because we have a much better software system for that already. Most of our income comes in as direct deposits from a handful of insurance companies, Square for most of our patient co-pays, occasional cash deposits, personal checks, and some insurance company checks.


My first question is how detailed should I be in regards to identifying the payee? For example a cash deposit for the week would consist of payments from multiple people and I really don't need to identify them because we have a whole other software platform that keeps track of medical billing. Is it fine to just use an "Other" payee and call it "Patient Cash Payments", one for "Patient Personal Checks" (or combine those two categories), one for "Square Inc", and then break down a few of the big insurance companies so we can look at trends in who is paying the most? Should these payees be categorized as "Customers" or "Other"?


Thanks for any insights!


Re: Using QB alongside existing medical billing software

A warm welcome to the Community, Wordup.


I'm here to help and provide you with some insights about adding customers via QuickBooks for Mac.


To answer your questions, yes, you can use the Customers option in adding your patients in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. In QuickBooks, a customer is anyone who pays you for goods or services. A job is a specific project or scope of work that you want to track. The Customer Center gives you access to information about all of your customers and jobs and their associated transactions in one place.


To add customers, here's how:


  1. Choose Lists Customers > Customer Center
  2. Click Add a new customer
  3. Click the + menu at the bottom of the customer list and click New Customer. 
  4. In the Customer field, enter the name of the customer, as you’d like it to appear on your Customers list.
  5. Continue to enter the information you want to keep on the customer.

You can get more insights in these articles:


Also, you may find this article helpful:


Don't hesitate to drop a reply below if you have other questions about customers in QuickBooks for Mac. I'll be around to help.

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Re: Using QB alongside existing medical billing software

Thanks, I think. I'm not really sure if this was a human response or a bot since it didn't really address my questions at all.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Using QB alongside existing medical billing software

Greetings, Wordup.

I’m happy to see you again in the QuickBooks Community. Let me share some additional information about tracking and categorizing transactions in QB for Mac.


Your QuickBooks is like a diary that lists all accounting activities in your account. To keep track of your payees, use the Customer feature to input their information and enter the names according to how you identify them.


This way, you’ll be able to monitor each customer’s activity.The Other Names List is used to capture the information of persons or companies that are neither customers, vendors, nor employees.


For example, this list could include owners, partners, Annual Depreciation or ATM Withdrawal.


If you’re going to record the cash deposits in QuickBooks, enter them per customer to efficiently manage transactions. You can either record them by batch using the Batch import feature or one at a time.


For more information on how to import transactions, click on this link and go directly to page 14 in the Payments section. 


In regard to categorizing these transactions and payees, I encourage consulting with an account to check whether combining categories or recording them separately will not affect your books.

That should point you in the right track. If you have any follow-up questions or other concerns, leave me a comment. I'll be right here to answer them. 


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Re: Using QB alongside existing medical billing software

Got it. So this forum is primarily for the "Quickbooks Team" to offer basic canned responses on how to navigate the software. Does anyone know of a forum where business owners or accountants talk to one another for questions like mine?


Re: Using QB alongside existing medical billing software

Hello Wordup,


Allow me to step in and help provide additional clarification with your question about QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.


The Other Names list is mainly used in the program if a person or company doesn't belong to the customers, vendors, or employees category. The ability to add names from this list are only possible when you write checks or enter credit card charges.


I've scanned through the start of the thread and found your customers are patients. That said, you can categorized them as a customer and include sub-customers if necessary.


For your visual reference, I'm adding a screenshot on what I'm referring to:




For cash deposits that consist of multiple payments from different people, you'll need to identify each of them to track who paid the most using the Customers & Receivables report available in QuickBooks.


I look forward to serving you to the best of my ability regarding how you can record your transactions on your new QuickBooks. Just fill me in, and I'll be sure to get back to you to help.

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