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Reclassifying transactions and Defaults

When using the the reclassify transactions tool in the accountant briefcase, it defaults to the first of the prior month.  I am reviewing all accounts for the 2018 to double check for any errors before turning the books over to the tax accountant,  so I open and set the Date for Jan 1  to see all transactions this year, but if I change a category it resets the date and have to go back and reset it to Jan 1, for every single time I make an adjustment.  Is there a way for me to make YTD the default date setting for this tool?

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QuickBooks Team

Reclassifying transactions and Defaults

Hi there, @TveterConsulting.


I can share some insights about the Date field on the Reclassifying transactions screen in QBOA.


The default date range on the Reclassifying Transactions screen is the previous month. You will have to manually reset the date range if you'd like to view previous transactions.



The specific functionality that you're asking about isn't available at this time, but I will forward this request to our product engineers so this will be considered for future updates.


I also suggest that you leave feedback for them through this link: QuickBooks Online Feature Requests


If you have additional questions, please let me know. I'm always here to help. Have a great day.

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