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reconcile or unreconcile an account

can I unreconciled an account after the account has already been reconciled?? I want to unreconciled the account dated 7/31/2019 and redo it again due to some errors I have discovered.
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QuickBooks Team

reconcile or unreconcile an account

Hi @zionpick,


Let me take care of this query about reconciliation for you.


If we're talking about QuickBooks Online (QBO), you have 2 options to unreconcile a bank account. You can either do it by hand or have your accountant undo the whole reconciliation period.


To manually unreconcile your account:

  1. Go to Accounting, then search for the bank account in question.
  2. Click the View register link.
  3. Select the transaction you want to edit, then keep tapping the box for that transaction under the column with a checkmark. This column is the reconcile status for each transaction.
  4. Select Save.

For the second option, you can forward this article to your accountant: Undo your client’s reconciliations with QuickBooks Online Accountant.


Moving on to QuickBooks Desktop, this only requires a few steps from you.

  1. Move to the Banking menu.
  2. Select Reconcile.
  3. Click on Undo Last Reconciliation.

In case you're in a situation where your bank's opening balance doesn't match your bank statement. if that's the case, you can view this article: Fix an opening balance to match a bank statement.


I'll be around to provide help whenever needed. Let me know how I can assist by leaving me a comment below. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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reconcile or unreconcile an account

To begin, select "Registers" from the Banking menu, and then select the account from the Register Name drop-down menu. Click the transaction you want to unreconcile, and then delete the "R" at the top of the transaction to change its status to unreconciled.


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