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Recurring invoice for multiple customers

I am using QB for a condo HOA. 

Each unit pays a monthly fee (by the 5th) and some pay additional fees for extra parking spaces, etc.

I have each unit set up as a customer, and each month I want to invoice each customer for fees due.

I haven't seen a way to do this is any of the help dialogue.

Any suggestions?


Recurring invoice for multiple customers

Hi there, @Kristopherts.


Thanks for visiting the Community. I'm here to help ensure you're able to create a recurring invoice for multiple customers. Here's how: 

  1. Go to the Settings menu, then click Recurring Transactions.
  2. Select New.
  3. From the Transaction Type dropdown list, choose Invoice. Then, click OK.
  4. Enter a template name.
  5. From the Type ▼ dropdown, select Unscheduled. Then, select + Add new in the Customer dropdown list.
  6. Enter “Sample customer,” then select Save.
  7. Enter all necessary info, then click Save template.

For future reference, read through this article: How to create a recurring invoice and manage recurring transactions. It helps you learn about how to invoice your customers regularly by setting up a schedule. 


Feel free to visit again if you have additional questions. We're always delighted to assist you some more.

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Recurring invoice for multiple customers

And then how do I apply that recurring invoice to all 120 customers? 

Thank you

QuickBooks Team

Recurring invoice for multiple customers

Sharing more details about recurring transactions, Kristopherts.


In QuickBooks Online, we can only assign one recurring invoice into one customer. What I can suggest is to create a duplicate recurring invoice and change the customer. From the Recurring Transactions page, locate the invoice. Then, click the drop-down and select Duplicate. On the Invoice page, change the Template name and the Customer. You can also make other changes before clicking Save template.


You can pull up the Recurring Template List report if you need reference. This will show all the recurring transactions you've created in QuickBooks Online.


Please tag my name if you need anything else. Have a great day!

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Recurring invoice for multiple customers


Explore this tool for your needs. You may find something useful.


Hope it helps.

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Recurring invoice for multiple customers

So you are saying that Quicken can no longer perform a task as simple as posting the same recurring invoice to multiple customers? This is very dissapointing. I expected more for what we are paying. I regret the time we have spent setting up this software just to have to change to another.

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