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Report of unpaid purchase orders by account

I need to create a report showing open purchase order for a vendor that are open for a period of time showing the various accounts. I have tried 'Transaction Detail by Account' but have not been able to filter out the paid PO's. Report shows all PO's for a period of time not just unpaid. Thanks.

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Report of unpaid purchase orders by account

Hello there, @LSE.


I appreciate the steps you've taken to pull up the report that you need in QuickBooks. I'm here to help you sort this out.


Try pulling up the Open Purchase Orders Detail report instead. You can customize this report to show the open purchase orders by vendor.


Here's how:


1. Go to Reports menu at the top.

2. On the drop-down, select Purchases then Open Purchase Orders Detail.

3. Click on the Customize Report.

4. Select the Display tab.

5. Search for Account and Account Type on the Columns, then put a check mark. You can also remove the check marks for the columns that you don't want to be added on the report.

6. Now, go to Filters tab.

7. On the Choose Filter, search for the following:

     a. Transaction Type, then select Purchase Order.

     b. Received, then choose No.

     c. Name, then select the name of the vendor.

8. Click OK to save.

9. On the report, select the Total By drop-down then choose Vendor.


You can always customize the report if there's something that you want to add. I also attached a screenshots for your reference.


That should do it! If you have follow-up questions, feel free to post again here in the Community or leave a comment below. I'm always here if you need further assistance.

Level 4

Report of unpaid purchase orders by account

Thank you so much for your quick response. I only volunteer to do this work a couple of days a week, therefore the delay in getting back you to, But yes! That worked great to collect all unpaid purchase orders. However, may I ask is there a way to have the customer name show on this report? I searched in the column for customer and did not see it to check.

Or is there another report that would show customer?

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Level 4

Report of unpaid purchase orders by account

Before you kindly assist me further, let me give you a brief overview as to what I am volunteering to do.


I am working with a branch of a large non-profit. The headquarters handles the accounting. We simply need to enter what we buy and get it into various accounts to send in a report. Quickbooks has been used for years by this location but they have only been entering the checks they desire to pay by entering in the check register and creating the needed reports by hand.


I am attempting to assist them in using Quicksbooks to a more fuller measure, but yet not as it is truly intended.


Since they now are requesting more information to be stored in Quickbooks,  I have suggested entering all receipts for things already purchased in 'Purchase Orders' so the vendor, item, cost, dept requested, etc can be stored. This will enable them to pull up particular items purchased more easily if there is a possible return or desire to purchase that item again. 


Much of the items purchased are by credit cards. Rather than use the credit card function as intended, they are making the credit card company the vendor in the purchase order and where the item was actually purchased (store name) as the customer. Then in the memo column we are listing the name of the credit card holder.


Also for ease in locating a purchase later, we are adding the department that requested the item in the 'Class' section of the purchase order.


So far so good. Yes, I know very well that Quickbooks is not being used as intended nor are they experiencing its full potential. But it seems that this will work.



1) Report showing open purchases orders for the credit cards, per account assigned.

(Your suggestion works great if we can add customer) 

2) Report showing amount paid for selected accounts for a specific time period.

(I have been using a Trial Balance report, selecting the specific accounts requested by a particular date span) This seems to be working.

3) I need to be able to create a report that will show all items purchased for a particular department (entered as a class) for any date range that will include vendor or customer so item and be returned or repurchased.

(I tried a Custom Transaction Detail Report adding Date, Name, Source Name, Item, Class and Amount Paid. But nothing showed up!  


Thank you so much for allowing me to share in more detail my current project. Any suggestions you may desire to share would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again, have a great day,




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