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Report result list changing when choosing to include split details

Hi all:  I've exhausted several avenues to try to find an answer to this question - forgive the first post / detailed question!


I'm trying to run a Journal Entry report to get all entries that have impacted a particular account (including all its sub accounts) in a date range.

I can get the report to run as a JE report showing me the side of the entry impacting that account group I'm after fairly straight forward.  It generates lets say a list of 100 entries, including a transaction #47 (just for example).

I want to see the entire JE though - including the other impacted accounts.  So on the filter tab - I check the radial button for include split detail. 

The report successfully runs and I see the entire entry.

However - now it is generating a list of 80 entries - and #47 is no longer included.  If I modify the report again to not include split detail, it will go back to 100 and include 47 again.

This behavior seems very odd to me and I need that data in the second format.

Any ideas as to how or why it would change the list of entries to include and present fewer entries when splits are included?

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QuickBooks Team

Report result list changing when choosing to include split details

I'm here to share ideas on how to successfully generate this kind of report, cjhoffmn.


The journal report shows all the transactions on that given date including the journal entries you created. When you select the split option on the filters tab, it will only give us the transactions on that account you selected.


Let's use this screenshot as an example. Before filtering the report, you'll see the sales receipt I created and I temporarily deposit it on the Undeposited Funds. You'll also see that I deposited it on a bank on the same day.


Before you can click on the split detail option, you'll have to select first an account. In this screenshot, I selected the bank where I deposited the sales. When it generates a new report, the sales receipt was removed since its affected account is the Undeposited Funds. However, the deposit remains since I deposited it already on that account.

You'll want to export the report into an Excel file instead. From there, you can make any necessary changes and filters to get the data you need. Simply click on the Excel button and select Create New Worksheet.


I've added these articles if you need assistance in understanding reports and setting report preferences.


Please leave a comment if you have more clarifications. I'll be to help you.

Level 2

Report result list changing when choosing to include split details

Thanks Alex - this is helpful but still doesn’t quite solve for my goal.


I’m already selecting an account to filter on.  I’m performing a long term debt roll forward on a master account that has several sub accounts.  I want a JE list of all entries that impacted that account, for example all payments of the debt.  However, I want to be able to tie out those entries all the way to cash.  Since entries of that nature would typically have the credit to cash and a debit to interest expense and a debit to the LTD account - if I run the JE report with just a filter for the LTD accounts - I don’t get the JE - I only get the portion of the entry showing up in the filtered account.   While I find that odd I understand where it is coming from.  I then select include split details and for most entries - it now shows me both sides of the entry - debits and credits.  However - the list of entries is then changed.  It culls from the report entries that were in the first report.    This made no sense to me - although I have an idea why this is occurring after looking into it.


Many of the entries made by the entry team were compound JEs - meaning they actually combined several journal entries into one journal entry form in QB.  So for example - the actually JE in quickbooks would have DR debt Dr interest CR cash , a blank line then say a DR to sales tax CR cash, then a blank line then a DR to cash and a CR to a payable, for example.  

From what I can tell - QB assigns the Split info based on the first account in the entry.  So let’s say my LTD entry was not the first entry in a compound JE that was entered.  QB doesn’t seem to be able to then pull the split information for that entry anymore because the split info seems to be based on the first entry to the account.


Im just starting at this company and inheriting this prior work.  It’s something I’ll need to deal separately- unless you might shine some light on how to get it to stop culling the entries out of the list when i select include filter details...

QuickBooks Team

Report result list changing when choosing to include split details

Hello there, @cjhoffmn.


 I just wanted to hop in and provide additional information about the split transactions.


In QuickBooks desktop, it will display your transactions for a specific period, or the transaction that is listed composed of the several line items.


When you filter the transaction to not include specific account but it was part of the JE that was reported then it will either not show up or show split


To learn more about the available reports that you can pull up in QuickBooks Desktop, please visit this article: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop and understanding reports.


If you have any more questions or if you need further assistance, I'm just a reply away. Have a most lovely day!

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