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Restaurant Specific Daily Sales - Recording Daily Sales and Cash Deposits



So, first off, we have a unique situation where our entire business (Hotel) has two separate bars and a restaurant. We keep track of our spending through each of these departments by assigning them to their respective class.

We want, and need, to do a better job of tracking our daily sales and cash deposits. We inherited a system through previous management that never seemed to be a problem until COVID-19. What currently happens when we record our cash deposits is we basically invoice ourselves, assign each cash deposit to their respective class, then match them when we make the bank transaction. However, since only our restaurant is in operation due to COVID (our bars are closed) we have had quite a few negative deposits (our tips paid out is more than our cash brought in). As you can not generate a negative invoice, previous management set up an over/under category to balance out the invoice that we assign to our Admin Class. I do not feel this is accurate reporting! This is the only system I was ever trained on for Quickbooks, so I am in need of some help! 

I feel our best bet is going the Daily Sales Receipt route, but I see you can only have a zero sum. Which, what I think means, all the cash and card sales must balance out, but how would that account for tips that are larger than the cash sales?

Basically, we want a way in quickbooks to report our sales and our deposits each day for FOUR departments (even if there isn't a cash deposit, but what we basically took out of credit card sales to pay our employees, as currently we take it out of petty cash) 

Again, my Quickbooks knowledge is limited, so any help is much appreciated! 


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Restaurant Specific Daily Sales - Recording Daily Sales and Cash Deposits

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