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Sales by Customer by Units (not dollars)

I really like the Sales by Customer by Month report, however, this report is in dollar sales.  Is there a way to generate this same report using total units of product sold?  We are a food manufacturer, so all of our products are sold by the case.  I'm looking for a Sales by Customer by Month by Case report.  Any suggestions?

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Sales by Customer by Units (not dollars)

Good day, @NMichRocks.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I'm here to help generate a Sales by Customer report with total units of product sold. 


In QuickBooks Desktop, you can customize any report that you generate. Let me show you how to include the total units of products sold:


  1. Go to Reports menu.
  2. Select Sales and click Sales by Customer Detail.
  3. Choose the month date for this report.
  4. Click the Customize Report tab.
  5. On the Display folder, put a check mark next to each column to include the QTY and U/M on the report. You can also exclude the amounts or total sales if you don't want it appearing on the report.
  6. Click OK once done.




That should do it. You can also check out this helpful article if you need more information about customizing sales reports in QuickBooks Desktop: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


Let me know if you have other questions about Sales reports. I'll be here to help.




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Sales by Customer by Units (not dollars)

Don't forget about the Sales by Item reporting.

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