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Saw this Q online but as I have PLUS, how do I do it? "I would love to see P&L by customer. I see reporting P&L by customer. HOW do I assign expense items by customer?

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Re: Saw this Q online but as I have PLUS, how do I do it? "I would love to see P&L by custome...

Thanks for dropping by in the Community, @trg-ryanh.


I'm here to help assign expense items by customer in QuickBooks.


Just to clarify, are you referring to tracking the expenses and items by customer and showing this on the Profit & Loss by Customer? If so, this is possible if you're using the Plus and Advanced version.  I can help guide you on how.


First, you will need to turn on Track expenses and items by customer under Account and Settings:


  1. Select the Gear icon, then Account and settings.
  2. Then select the Expenses tab.
  3. Tick to turn on Track expenses and items by customer.
  4. Select Save and Done.





When you record the transactions (Invoices and Expenses) make sure you have selected the customer’s name in the transaction. For Expense transaction, the Customer column is under Account details. For Invoice, you can select the customer’s name from the drop-down arrow at the top.




Once you have done the transaction recording as above, you are able to run the report as following steps:

  1. Select Reports.
  2. Under Business overview, click Profit and Loss by Customer.
  3. If you wish to select a specific customer, select Customize, then select Filter.
  4. In the Filter column, select the drop-down arrow and choose the customer you wish to track.
  5. Select Run report.



That should do it. If you need additional references in the future, you can check out the following articles below.


How to enter billable expenses 

How to remove a billable expense charge


Should you have additional questions about tracking expense items by a customer, please let me know. I'm just around the corner to help. Best regards.

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