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Simple Custom Report

I need a simple custom report and can't figure out how to do it. I would like to see each job be a single row, with the columns Address, Revenue, Cost, Profit.  That's it. 

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Simple Custom Report

Thanks for posting to the Community, .


Let me share some insights on how you can pull up this report in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can run the Job Profitability Detail report to see the Cost, Revenue, and Profit. However, we're unable to put an Address column at this time.


To run it, you can go to the Reports menu and then select Jobs, Time & Mileage, then choose it from the list.


As a workaround, you can pull up both reports for Job Profitability Detail and Contact List as your basis and then export them to Excel. You can select List in the Reports menu and then select the contact list for customer/vendor report.


When you finished running the reports, click the Excel button on the report window and then select Export.


Once both statements are exported, you can copy and paste the Address to the Job Profitability Detail report on an Excel worksheet.


For more tips and insights, you can reference this article for more insights in running different statements in QuickBooks: Understand reports. It includes lists of reports available in the program.


Additionally, you can check this article for more details on how to personalize columns and filter reports: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop. It covers how to include Fonts & Numbers tab and expand columns.


Please place a comment below if you have else to add about QuickBooks. I'm always around to help. Take care and more power to your business!

Level 1

Simple Custom Report

Thank you for your response. That report gives a report for an individual job. I am looking for a snapshot of all jobs from the beginning of our company. I don't need to drill down into anything, just wanting a fully rolled up report for every job. 


For Example:

Job1 - 10,000 - 5000 - 5000

Job2 - 22,500 - 20,000 - 2,500

Job 3 - 18,500 - 7,000 - 11,500





Simple Custom Report

It's great to see you here, @STRMLM,


I am joining to share additional information of the report you're looking for. You can use the Job Profitability Summary report instead of the individual detail reporting.


This report will show all the customers added into the company file along with the Actual Cost, Actual Revenue and the Difference. Here's how:


  1. From the Reports menu, choose Jobs, Time & Mileage.
  2. Pick the first report called Job Profitability Summary.
  3. On the report, you will see the list of your jobs.

While this report doesn't have the address information, use a Customer Contact List report for it. Once you have it, export the report to merge the information you need for reporting. I've prepared some screenshots for your guide.


I'm also adding some related articles to help you learn more about the reports in QuickBooks:

Let me know if need additional assistance with this or have other questions with QuickBooks. I'll be right here to help. Have a lovely day!



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