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Stand Alone Bill and Expense Entries to QB without full access to the Rest of the Data

Is there any way to provide limited access to a user that she only is able to add the bills and expenses per the invoices/receipts provided without having access to ALL the other data that she has not entered into QB? So the idea is to limit access to only and only the portions that the user is adding and nothing else.  We have both QB online and Desktop. 

Was thinking this may be accomplished through having a separate side QB file that the user has access to and import it to the main QB.  But it didnt appear that this is the right way of doing this as QB is not really streamlined to merge files (???). 

Another approach may have been through User credentials but not sure how you can just limit access to the data entered by that particular user. 

Please advise. 

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Stand Alone Bill and Expense Entries to QB without full access to the Rest of the Data

Hello there, AccNewB.


Thanks for posting in the Community. I'm here to provide information about limiting the user access.


For QuickBooks Online (QBO), you can modify the user's access rights to limit the access from other areas of QuickBooks. However, you're unable to restrict a user from the data created by others.


Here's how to edit a user's access:


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Click Manage Users.
  3. Go to the Users tab.
  4. Search for the user and click Edit.

In the QuickBooks Online version, you're only able to export lists and reports to Excel. To record the transactions to the Desktop version, you'll need to enter them manually into the system.


For more information about the areas and features that you can access if you set a user to Vendors & Purchases level permission, go to this article (scroll-down to Limited Access):


Get to know user types and permissions


In QuickBooks Desktop, you also have the option to limit the access of a user to certain areas. However, a user have the ability to view transactions that they are permitted to access.


You can visit the article below for more information about the users and restrictions:


QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions


Just in case you need more assistance from our Phone Support Team, you can reach out to them through this link:


Get help with QuickBooks Online


If I can be of any help, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I'll be around to assist you.

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