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Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

Why does the account quick report show more transactions than the transaction detail report for the same account?  Simple example I have an account called Purchases by Insurance and I know of three transactions that are supposed to be in the detail report and only two show up but from the account quick report all three transactions show up.  Why is this?

Note: for quick report, I go to chart of accounts an choose quick report

for transaction detail report, I double click on account in trial balance.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

Hi Denray,


There are a few things we can consider when matching your reports. Let me share them with you to get this fixed.

  • Report dates.
  • Accounting Method.

Let's open both reports and verify if they have the same dates and accounting method.

  1. In your QuickBooks, press CTRL+A.
  2. Click the "Purchases by Insurance" account.
  3. Right-click and select QuickReport.
  4. Change the Dates at the top.
  5. Select a Report Basis.
  6. Click Refresh.

Then, open your Transaction Detail report using the same date and accounting method.


Once done, check the transactions again.


You can read this article for more information: Differentiate Cash and Accrual basis.


I've also added this handy article for future reference: Reports.


If there's anything else you need, please don't hesitate to reply.


Experienced Member

Re: Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

Thank you! This worked for this issue but I still have an issue of reports saying different things for the same account. I am using cash basis. Attached you will find my three reports with two of the balances being the same at then end of the year but the trial balance not matching. The account in question is maintenance/repair.
QuickBooks Team

Re: Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

Thanks for getting back to us, @Denray. Let me share a few insights about why the maintenance/repair account in the Trial Balance report shows different figures from your other two reports (Transaction Detail Reports and Account Quick Reports) when running year-end reports in QuickBooks Desktop. 


The Trial Balance report will generate a report based on the fiscal period. While the Transaction Detail report is based on the calendar year. 


To match the amount of your trial balance report with your other two reports,  'd suggest you check the first month of your fiscal year so that the amount will match with your other reports when you run a year-end report.  


To confirm or change the first month of your fiscal year:


  1. Go to the Company Menu, then choose My Company.
  2. Click the pencil icon, then click Report to check the fiscal year setting Information.
  3. Make sure the first month of your fiscal year is correct so your financial reports use the correct dates.


Changing the first month of your fiscal year doesn't affect your balances. Thus, you can change it from there. 


You can also read through our help article: Year-end guide and checklist. This will guide you in running year-end reports to review the information and identify any issues or discrepancies.


Please feel free to post again if you have other concerns. I'll be glad to help. 

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Re: Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

My fiscal year begins in January so all I did some investigating as to the period. My trial balance and account quick report have a period of last fiscal year. My transaction detail report is simply a zoom in detail of the trial balance. However, the account quick report and the transaction detail report match. You'd think when you did a double click on an account on the trial balance the report would reflect the same balance as the original report (trial balance) it came from. Maybe I am being too picky but I want to be able to answer questions about this intelligently if they come up from my tax lady.
QuickBooks Team

Re: Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

Let's check the Filters tab so the maintenance/repair account balances in the Trial Balance report will match with the other two reports, @Denray.


It could be the reports have different Current Filter Choices, which is why they have incorrect figures. I'll guide you through the steps on how to review the Filters tab. 

  1. Run the reports. 
  2. Click Customize Report
  3. Go to the Filters tab. 
  4. Make sure the Current Filter Choices are the same on the three reports. 
  5. Click Remove Selected Filter if they aren't matched. You can also change the filters if necessary. 
  6. Click OK



To learn more about this tab in QuickBooks reports, see the Filters tab section through this article: Customize Reports. This article also covers customizing the reports so you can get the information you need. 


I'm here anytime you have other concerns. Have a good day. 

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Re: Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

My filters are Last Fiscal Year and specific account (Maintenance/Repair) are set for the Transactions By Account report and also the Account Quick Report.  My filter for the Trial Balance is Last Fiscal Year.  These reports still show the different totals.  I noticed on the Account Quick Report there are a few item receipts could this affect this situation?  Purchase orders were made to inventory vendors for non-inventory items.  for example a piece of steel to use for maintenance which is still in this account even after it was billed.  Its like the item receipt is stuck in there.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Transaction Detail Reports vs Account Quick Reports

Hi Denray, 


Let's verify if the item receipt also showed in your trial balance's transaction list. Go to to the Trial Balance report and filter it to the correct dates. Then, double-click the account's amount to review the list of transactions. 


If the item receipt didn't show, we can use the Re-sort List feature which puts the list back to its default order. Your lists might be damaged and re-sorting the list can repair the damage. Please check this article to give you the detailed steps:


Afterwards, let's run the reports again to check if their amounts are balanced. 


Keep me posted if you have further questions.