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Level 1

Transactions showing up twice when searching

When I search for any type of transaction they all show up twice.  Why is this?  They are not actual duplicates, they just show up twice.  Thank you!

Level 9

Transactions showing up twice when searching

This happens most often with journal entries, as each line item in the journal entry will show up in a search as a separate transactions with the same reference amount and name of the journal entry. This happens with other transaction types such as income and expense transactions with more than one side to the entry because there are multiple accounts being used to distribute the income and expenses. There is a unique ID assigned to each accounting transaction in QBO, this ID will stay with each line item of the transaction, keeping all components of a transaction tied together by this ID.

Level 1

Transactions showing up twice when searching

Thank you for your quick response.  I just realized that it only does this when I search "all transaction lines", however if I just search "all transactions" they only show up once.  Thanks again!

QuickBooks Team

Transactions showing up twice when searching

Hello, cmh1.


Thank you for posting in the Community space. I want to help in fixing the issue with transactions showing as duplicates in your QuickBooks Online account.


We haven’t heard any reported issue similar to this. It’s possible that this has something to do with the browser you’re using.

You may need to try logging into a private window or switch to a different browser to verify.  Let me show you how:
•    Press Ctrl + Shift + N keys on your keyboard (Google Chrome)
•    Press Ctrl + Shift + P keys on your keyboard (Firefox or Internet Explorer)
•    Press Control + Option + P keys on your keyboard (Safari)

If the private browsing session works, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache to prevent unexpected behavior in the product. Check out this article for the steps:

After performing the recommended solution, you’ll be able to work on your QuickBooks Online account without any issue. However, if the same problem persists, I’d recommend calling our Customer Care Team for further assistance. They have a screen-sharing tool that helps them see what’s going on in your QuickBooks to help resolve the issue.

Here’s how you can reach them:

Please let me know if you have any other concerns. I’ll be here to help. Wishing you the best!

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