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Treatment of billable vs. non-billable expenses in reporting

Is there a difference in the way QBO generators reports between expenses that are billable and non-billable, but both of which are in the same category. Example: I have billable travel weekly for my clients - reimbursable travel. I also have non-reimbursable indirect travel. I would categorize flights for both as 'Travel'. However, if I was to generate a report of 'Travel' expenses, I would see the combined total; in practice, I'm only concerned with indirect. So, does QBO automatically separate the categories?

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Treatment of billable vs. non-billable expenses in reporting



Not in reporting. When you set up billable expenses, you also set up the income account that the customer payment will post to.


In company settings turn on make expenses and items billable
check mark to track billable expenses and items as income
then in company settings>advanced>chart of accounts click the edit pencil and select the billable expense income account

Why intuit separated the two related settings is anyone's guess


So if you want direct and indirect travel to be re-portable, use a class or location or two expense accounts

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