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Unbilled time reports by employee

Hi Everyone,

So - I know how to print unbilled time by Job Detail/Employee but in our office - various people may work on the same job. So what I'm trying to do is print a report for each employee which would have all their unbilled time on jobs that are assigned to them, but also include the unbilled time which other employees have on it also - if that makes sense. Please advise :)

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QuickBooks Team

Unbilled time reports by employee

Let me first welcome you here in the Community, vedaMC.


QuickBooks Desktop offers predefined reports that you can use. However, the option that you're looking for in one report is currently unavailable. 


You might want to export each report into an Excel file and merge it into one Excel workbook. You can visit this link for available reports you can pull up in QuickBooks. Then, click on the Customize Report button to filter the data and add or delete columns.


Let me also share these guide for additional reference:


We are always looking for ways to make QuickBooks beneficial to your business and conveniently run a report with options to specify them. In the meantime, you might want to check our blogs to know about the upcoming QuickBooks news and enhancements:


If you have any other concerns, just let us know. This way, we'll be able to assist you.

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