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Uploading bills

is there a template I can use to upload the bills.
QuickBooks Team

Re: Uploading bills

Hi there, @smudegowder.


It’s nice to have you in the Community. I’m here to share a few details about uploading bills in QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks has the option to customize standard templates or create a custom template for you to use. However, you can only import invoice template, not bills.


If you want to import bills transaction into QBO, this option isn’t yet available. I suggest checking out some third-party add-in apps available.


All you need to do is head to the QuickBooks App Center and search for a term like Import Bills. With so many available apps to download, one is sure to be a perfect fit for your business needs.


The other option you have is to manually enter the data to record the vendor bills. To do that, follow the steps below:  
1.    Go to the Plus (+) icon and select Bill.
2.    Enter necessary information. 
3.    Click Save and new. (Screenshots attached)




While importing bills isn't yet available, I recommend sharing us your insight and opinion by clicking the Gear icon and selecting Feedback. This way, our product team would know what you liked and what we can do to make it better. 


You may also send your feedback by going to the following link: QuickBooks Online Feature Requests. I’ll make sure to do the same thing on my end.


That's it. Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance or should you have any follow up questions. I’ll be here to help. Have a good one!

Level 1

Re: Uploading bills

I'm shocked that this isn't a standard feature. 


Are there any plans to allow importing of bills any time in the future?


I refuse to pay for a plugin to do this. I don't trust 3rd parties and am horrified by having the additional expense, we already pay a lot for QBO.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Uploading bills

Good day, BobTheMighty.


We're always doing our best to provide the features and services that our customers need. 


At the moment, there is no announcement about adding this feature. Nonetheless, you can check our QuickBooks blog to be informed on our new updates.


I know another company expense can be a sensitive issue. Rest assured, I'll pass along what you've said about importing of bills onto our management team. They will submit this to our software engineers for review.


If you have other concerns, you can visit us anytime. Have a nice day! 


Level 3

Re: Uploading bills


  There is an app on AppCenter, which provides one of the highest Security terms. Please, check Business Importer. It has Free Trial period, so you will not be charged if you don't want to subscribe. The app supports very flexible import of Bills and other entities and will definitely save you a lot of time.

Level 1

Re: Uploading bills

I too am shocked that you can't upload bills.  I've tried in every way I can think of to make it happen.  I'm baffled that other companies haven't made this a serious issue.  About half of my billable expenses are on an account and are therefore classified as bills.  I would very much like to have all of my receipts in one place.  I thought the app would let me accomplish that but it failed.  So I switched to ShoeBoxed and it appears it too does not have the feature to load bills (expenses paid through an account).  I'm starting to wonder if I should just load everything as an expense and forget the accounts payable piece?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Uploading bills

Hi there, @Its Alive,


I appreciate you for using the Intuit App Store to look for application so you can import bills.


I'll pass along your feedback to our Product Team. This way, they can see how we can get approved at supporting the importing of bills in the future.


At the moment, I suggest contacting ShoeBoxed to check how they can include expenses paid through an account in QBO.


Thanks for joining this thread. Don't hesitate to post again whenever you need assistance with your account.

Level 1

Re: Uploading bills

This is a joke, right!  Where's the camera?!?


So you'll provide the feature in the software in the UK and Canada, but you won't do it in the U.S.?  Why?  There is one reason and it's always the same money, given that this feature is such a clear and obvious one that should have been built in from day one.  Where do you think people are coming from when they move to QB...obviously Excel, or some other spreadsheet application.  So making some pay for the software and then separately asking them to pay another firm to help them get the data into the QB software, either Desktop Pro (what I operate) or Online.  This is just professionally and intellectually insulting to suggest that this would be such an exceptional feature.


Again, if there were the case, then explain to us how you found the resources and priority to get this into the program in the UK and Canada?  I could be wrong, [but I not] but are they bigger markets than the USA...hahaha!


Take care of the customer, build a tool that does reasonably expected and usable features and stop holding users and their data hostage.


The words conscious and capitalism can go together.


Let us know when you get it fixed. 

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