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Usage Limits

With onset of usage limits (which is crap, and just appears to be a way for QBO to force sales for new services or products, while creating customer dissatisfaction, in my opinion), I am over my limit on "businesses" (which I would not have created in the first place if they did not tell me 9 years ago that this was the only way I could track different strategic business units).  I have 46 businesses with a limit of 40.  The only obvious way to me to solve this is to run a report and manually change the "business" identifier on every line where it occurs in the report.  This amounts to hundreds of manual data entry changes.  Hence MY QUESTION:




I have started the process manually, changed one business identifier on a report for "all dates" and eliminated the current identifier and then when I went to go back to delete it, it said"won't reduce usage".  This was an identifier that I created (unless it was transferred by my old desktop version of Quickbooks when I signed up for Online version and QBO considers that unqualified for change, which again is crap)


I hope someone can help make this required change seamless and easy.

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Re: Usage Limits

Hi there, dbarlowrmi.


I appreciate you taking the time to reach out here in the Community. I'd be glad to provide some information regarding consolidating business identifiers.


Just to make sure I'm on the same page, are you referring to consolidating accounts in the Chart of Accounts that have been designated as business units? If so, here's how to merge accounts:


1. Click the Gear icon in the top right corner.

2. Select Chart of Accounts.

3. Locate the account (identifier) you want to keep, choose the drop-down arrow, and click Edit.

4. Note the Name, Detail Type, and whether or not it is a subaccount.

5. Choose Cancel to return to the chart.

6. Locate the account you don't want to use (to merge with the original in step #3), select the drop-down arrow, and choose Edit.

7. Change the Name and Detail Type, and mark Is subaccount as appropriate to match the identifier you want to keep.

8. Click Save, then Yes to confirm merging the two accounts.


This article provides additional information on this process:


I'm only a post or comment away if you have any other questions.



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Re: Usage Limits

Thank you for your response.  I appreciate you trying to help.  I apologize for not clearly defining the problem.  

It's not a "chart of accounts" limit I'm facing.

I select "Accounts and Settings:

I select "usage"

Under "classes and business" I was at 5 classes and 46 businesses (with a limit of 40).  

I identified 9 "businesses" I no longer use (keep in mind I don't have 46 businesses, I have one business, but I not clear understanding of how to track lead sources for my one business and 9 years ago was advised by QBO to create a business for each lead source so I could generate reports to track the quality of the various lead/sales sources).

Of the 9 "businesses" (lead sources) I no longer utilize, I ran a report and manually changed the business identifier ("business" / lead source) to one consistent ID so I could get under the 40 limit.

I've solved the problem for now, took a ton of effort and was very frustrating to say the least.  Nothing worse than continuing to endure price increases for QBO services and reduction in service usage capability even though my business is pretty much the same since it began 16 years ago.  I continue to feel "held hostage" because changing accounting service providers is likely worse than just putting up with QBO nonsense.  Sorry for the rant...not even sure you have any control or influence of any of the business decisions of QBO.   

Thanks for you attempt to help me.

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Re: Usage Limits

You could "batch reclassify" those transactions in other "businesses" (locations) from one to another.

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Re: Usage Limits

Usage limits are trash.  I understand creating a new plan for future accounts, but holding our data hostage and making us pay triple is extremely poor business practice.  


Quickbooks should be sued for this bait and switch scam.

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Re: Usage Limits

Hi there, McWhorterCap.


Thank you for visiting the Community and sharing your thoughts. I'd like to take a moment to share some additional information with you regarding the new usage limits in place for QuickBooks Online users.


After introducing usage limits in February 2019, we wanted to ensure QuickBooks Online customers had enough time to make the necessary changes if they were over or approaching the usage limits. Customers had six months to either reduce their data to fit within their plan’s limits or upgrade to QuickBooks Online Advanced. Now, we want to make sure that all customers are complying with the QuickBooks Online limit policy and will require customers to take action to either reduce the data or upgrade. Having large amounts of accounts, classes, and users are typically indicators of a larger, more complex business. This would signal the need for a plan that offers more features and functionality, which would be the Advanced plan. The deadline to modify your account was October 28th. If you haven’t upgraded or reduced your usage, your QuickBooks plan will no longer be within compliance and we may suspend your account on your next monthly or annual renewal date. To avoid any disruption, you'll need to either upgrade to the appropriate QuickBooks plan or reduce your usage.


The following link provides the details of each subscription plan:


Additionally, you can learn more about the limits by viewing this article:


I'm only a comment away if you have any other questions.

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Re: Usage Limits

Save your canned response that doesn’t actually justify forcing us to a plan that costs 3x the plan we are on in order to keep the features that were included in our current plan when we signed up for it.


It’s unethical, QB.  Early users who created more than 250 accounts on a plan that was touted as Unlimited when we signed up should be grandfathered in

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Re: Usage Limits

Furthermore, we were told on this very forum that our accounts wouldn’t be interrupted, but we would not be able to set up any NEW accounts or classes if we were over the limit.  


This turned out to be a lie as well.  We are now locked out and have a message that our accounts will be suspended if we don’t upgrade or reduce.


At the VERY LEAST, QB should live up to their word on allowing us to continue operating our companies without interruption.

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Re: Usage Limits

I was able to eliminate classes that works for me and gets me under the limit,  but I just need to share my opinion that your assumption "Having large amounts of accounts, classes, and users are typically indicators of a larger, more complex business" is not a fair measurement.  Some small business owners just have specific needs and desires.  I don't understand if those needs make QBO's job harder?  What difference does it make to you how many classes,  job types,  business identifiers your customer has?  Does it require increased oversight on your part?  If not,  then I tend to agree with my peers that you are not putting your customers needs first and will continue to lose customers.   If you want more money from those who can pay (e.g your assumed larger businesses) maybe you should charge by sales volume.   A customer with annual revenue under $100k clearly could justify not paying as much for your services as a customer making $1M annually.  Just a thought.   But clearly,  your business model continues to frustrate as you charge more and more for software we get used to and then feel "held hostage".  Its just not right.  And not customer focused.  I look forward to seeing which of your competitors learns of your choices and finds a way to capitalize on them. 

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Re: Usage Limits

I am not a QB fan and no longer a QB user but I do have clients I convert from QB to new systems, however, I can tell you that there are several reasons why QB should not price their services based on YOUR revenue volume.  That would not be feasible for them to figure out which accounts you are using as revenue, trust that you are computing correctly nor track those amounts which could change month-to-month, then you want them to adjust your billing based on a moving target?   Plus Revenue dollars are not necessarily indicative of business volume. 


I also do not agree with usage limits and changing them after the fact is definitely not cool with increasing the price at the same time, however, those are items they can count to use for billing.  Having done accounting for 30 years, I would argue no small business needs 250 accounts and should learn to use the other system functions such as customers, jobs, items and all of those.


QuickBooks has been underpriced for decades and is just finally catching up with the world so the price is no issue for me but the system just does not work well for my clients in my industry.



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