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Using a custom column in Payroll Item Detail report

Hi there, 


I am attempting to run a report that demonstrates how many hours each specific employee has worked in a set period of time based on their timesheets while also grouping each employee by their respective supervisor.


I figured this could be accomplished in two steps: I would start by running a Payroll Item Detail report with a qty column to get their hours worked for a specific period, while at the same time creating a custom field in their employee profiles and filling it in with each employees' respective supervisor, while adding this custom field as a column to the report. 


What is stumping me is that, although the option exists to add the column to the report, the column turns out blank. 


Am I missing something? Or is the report I am trying to create infeasible? 


Thanks in advance!


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QuickBooks Team

Using a custom column in Payroll Item Detail report

Hello, dc33.


The Custom field column wont be able to show any data on the report. Payroll item detail report will be subjected to the information on the payroll items used on the paychecks. If the supervisor was set up as class, you might want to add the class column instead. 


Also, you can run the Summarized Payroll Data in Excel to easily get the time worked data of your employees. Here's how:


  1. Click Reports at the top. 
  2. Select Employees & Payroll Summarized Payroll Data in Excel
  3. Set your desired dates/period. 
  4. Go to Rates & Hours by Job column at the bottom of the Excel file. 



Please don't hesitate to drop by again if you need anything else. 




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