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Vendors with NO transactions

Simple question (QB Desktop):  Is it possible to generate a list of Vendors (or Other Names) who have NO transactions at all.  In merging a few databases I ended up with some Vendors with no transactions I'd like to find and delete those Vendors. 

Here's what the Vendor List shows for such vendors that I want to easily find: There are NO Transactions.png

Thank you!

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QuickBooks Team

Vendors with NO transactions

Hi there, soberman99. 


Thank you for dropping by the Community. Unfortunately there's no way at this time to generate a list or report of vendors that have no transactions at all. While I could see how this could be beneficial, especially if you're looking to remove those vendors, I'm going to recommend this feature be added to our product development team. Keep an eye on our QuickBooks Blog to see news on future updates and changes made to our products. 


I'm also including a few helpful QuickBooks Desktop articles down below:

If you have any other questions, feel free to post here anytime. Thank you and have a nice day. 

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Vendors with NO transactions

Thank you so much for your clear answer.  I couldn't figure out how to do this for a very good reason.  It can't be done!!  I hope this possibility will be included with future updates of QB.  I must say, I have been using QB for about 15+ years and I am constantly impressed with its functionality and especially with its speed!!  Best regards. 

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Vendors with NO transactions

Hey there, @soberman99


Thanks for reaching back out to the Community.


We'll let our Product Developers know of your request so that they can consider this in one of the new releases. They take the time to review every entry and try to tie them together to improve QuickBooks for everyone. 


In the meantime, cruise on over to this link about customizing vendor reports that could help your business in the future. 


Should you need any further assistance with your vendors, please don't hesitate to contact me. I value you as a customer. I'll always be around to help. Take care!

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Vendors with NO transactions

Has  there been created a way to find a list of vendors with no transactions?


Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Vendors with NO transactions

Hey there, @hbwojda84.


Thanks for following up wth us.


At this time, there still isn't a way to see a list of the vendors without transactions. Please know we understand the importance of this feature for you and have submitted this suggestion to our Product Development Team so that it may be considered in a future update. 


Feel free to reach out any time. Take care!   

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Vendors with NO transactions

Hello QB team,

given there is no report to view which vendors have no transactions, what would you recommend be the simplest way to conduct finding these vendors? 

The message I receive when attempting to add a new vendor that we 'can add only 305 more vendors' - I'm assuming deleting the ones with no transactions would grant more space. Any other way to do so?


thanks in advance.



Vendors with NO transactions

Hello, ShulyM.


I can recommend two ways to help you review your vendors, and see the ones without any transactions. 


The first method is to skim through the vendors list and set the filters to show all transactions. Here's a detailed step-by-step-process: 


  1. Go to your Vendor Center.
  2. Select the first vendor.
  3. Set the Transactions List view filters: Select All Transactions for SHOW; Select ALL for FILTER BY; Select ALL for DATE
  4. Use the down arrow key to move down to the next vendor. 
  5. Find the vendor without any transaction and delete the profile. 


Your filters will be saved as you switch to another vendor. 


The second method is to use the Transactions List by Vendor Report and put it side-by-side with your Vendor Center window: 


  1. Go to Reports
  2. Hover on Vendors & Payables, then select Transactions List by Vendor report. 
  3. Set the Dates filter to All
  4. Hit Refresh
  5. Move the window to the side and open your Vendor Center.
  6. Set both windows side-by-side and review or compare the data. 


If you need some references about the maximum number of lists in QuickBooks, you can read this article: Maximum number of list entries (list limits and custom fields).


You might also want to consider merging your lists. This article will guide you through the process: Merge list entries in QuickBooks Desktop.


Need to check your business' performance? You can use the Snapshot feature in QuickBooks Desktop. Check out this article to help you utilize it: Customize a Snapshot tab.


If you have any other questions about managing your lists or vendor transactions, please let me know. I'll work with you and help you complete your tasks. Do you have questions on other areas in the program? Add them to your reply and I'll see what I can do. 

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