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Ok!  This is SO absurd, but I figured out how to get billed expenses to show up-- and it has nothing to do with caches or anything of the sort.  You simply click on "Create Invoices" and then type in the Customer Name.  Once it does, click on the little clock button next to the Template Type in the second bar from the top (circled in the picture.) Yes!  When the window first pops up it's blank because it defaults to the "Time" tab, but then click on the "Expenses" tab next to it and, voila!, all of the reimbursable expense show up.  


Hope this helps someone!!


Level 1

I just switched from desktop to QBO essentials. I don't want the billable tracking but a few employee payments were marked billable. How can I remove the billable checkmark now that I am using essentials?


I've got the steps you'll need on how to remove it in QuickBooks Online, Skg9951.


Please follow these steps:


  1. Go to the Sales menu and select Unbilled Activity.
  2. Select the name of the customer the charge was marked billable to.
  3. In the Transaction List, select the billable expense charge you need to correct.
  4. Select Expense (or Check) at the top. This redirects users to the specific transaction marked as billable.
  5. Find the items you marked as billable.
  6. Uncheck the box in the Billable column.
    Note: For billable checks, you need to select the Check link at the top to open the transaction.
  7. Select Save and close.

The steps are sure to help you remove those payments that were marked billable.


You can reach back out to me if you have any additional concerns about billable expenses in QBO. I'll be right here to help.

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