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Why can create same SKU in QBO?

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QuickBooks Team

Why can create same SKU in QBO?

I want to share some information about the SKU, sales-wwspree.


In QuickBooks Online, SKU is used to identify and track the inventory. Each item has a unique SKU code. This helps classify the characteristics of each product, such as manufacturer, brand, style, color, and size. For example, the SKU for a green v-neck shirt, size 10, may read "VN-GRN-10".


If you create the same item with the same SKU, this is unavailable in QuickBooks Online. You'll want to check out for a third-party application that has the capability of recording the same item and SKU. 


You can visit this link: or go to the Apps tab in your QuickBooks Online account.


Please let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thanks.

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