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Why does search for transaction finds 2 bills and 2 checks instead of 1 bill and 1 check?

For instance, I'm searching for the last time I paid my water bill and a search shows 2 identical bills then show two identical checks for every single transaction. The Check # is the same. Why doesn't it only show once?
QuickBooks Team

Re: Why does search for transaction finds 2 bills and 2 checks instead of 1 bill and 1 check?

Great day, @poetal.


Thanks for visiting the Community page. Duplicate entries happened when downloaded bank transactions isn't matching up with the records you've manually created in QuickBooks Online (QBO). To avoid duplicates, you can match these transactions to link them together. All you have to do is make sure the match is correct.


Here's how:


1. Go to the Banking tab on the left menu.
2. Select the blue tile for the account you want to review.
3. Select the Reviewed tab and find the transaction.

4. Click Undo under Action column.


This action moves the transaction from the Reviewed tab back to the For Review tab.

5. Go to the For Review tab and locate a transaction with one or more possible matches to review.

  • One match found - The matching transaction appears in the CATEGORY OR MATCH column.
  • Multiple matches found - You must open the transaction row to review the possible matches.

For transactions matched with a:

  • Single Record - If the match is correct from the Action column, select Match, to accept.
  • Multiple Records - From the Action column, select View to open the transactions row. Review the possible matches listed under Records found, then select the correct one and select Match to accept.

6. If the possible match are incorrect, select the transaction to open it, then select Find other records to open the Match transaction window. Search for other possible matches.


The transactions you matched will be moved from the For Review tab to the Reviewed tab marked as matched.


You can also read through our help article and learn how to void or delete an invoice, bill, or other transactions you manually recorded in QB Online.

If you're using the online bill pay, refer to this help article: Remove, Add, Delete Bills in Online Bill Pay. It will guide you on how to delete and remove the bill permanently from both Pay Bills Online and the QuickBooks Online account.


Feel free to post again if there's anything else you need. We're always glad to help you. Have a great day!





Level 3

Re: Why does search for transaction finds 2 bills and 2 checks instead of 1 bill and 1 check?

My accountant does not want me downloading transactions from the bank. Since they go over each transaction with a fine-tooth comb anyway it is probably more of a hassle to undo the categorizing that the bank thinks is correct. I think the problem lies elsewhere.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Why does search for transaction finds 2 bills and 2 checks instead of 1 bill and 1 check?

Hi @poetal,


Thank you for your reply, and I appreciate you providing more details about your situation.


We can take a look at these transactions to see if they were created by a user of your QuickBooks Online (QBO) company.


Here's how:

  1. Open the transaction in question then click the More button.
  2. Select Transaction journal.

Repeat the same steps above for the duplicate transactions. This way, you can make a comparison, if these identical transactions are created on the same day, or not.


If these are bill payment transactions, I'd suggest contacting our technical support team for help. There's an open investigation about this issue, where the system creates duplicate bill payment transactions if you try to record a payment for multiple bills.


To contact our technical support team:

  1. Click the Help button.
  2. Click the Contact us button.

You can provide this INV-25607 to the support representative, which would make the interaction easier for both of you.


While our engineers are trying to fix this, we suggest creating 1 bill payment per bill transaction to avoid this issue.


For any other questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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