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Year End Sales Rep Grand Total Report?

I need to run a sales rep summary report comparing 2017 and 2018 by grand total.  I know how to run many of the reports but can't figure out how to run it in the way to include tax and shipping.  In the report, I can filter by "ALL ITEMS" but I would also need to add "Services" which is the shipping and "TAXES" for sales tax.  "All Items" is great because it shows how much a rep sells without the additional taxes and shipping which we don't consider part of the sale (for commission purposes only).  PLEASE DO NOT REFER ME TO A PHONE NUMBER OR OUTSIDE COMPANY.  THIS IS ONLY FOR COMMUNITY HELP. 

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Year End Sales Rep Grand Total Report?

Start with the Sales by Rep Summary report, set Columns by Item Type. Now, you see this includes everything except taxes. To also see taxes, Filter and Remove the items filter entirely. Retitle this as All Sales by Item Type and Memorize it in a memorized report Group you set up for Sales Reporting.


Now change Columns to Item Detail, retitle this report and Save as New, not Replace, in that same Group.


Also, run the report fresh and now filter on Item = Multiple. Select only what applies, and retitle and memorize, setting columns, such as Sales by Item Type Excl Services. Save them in the same Group.


And use Whichever of these reports reflects what you just asked for getting the By Year analysis. Start with the report that shows exactly what you asked, but as Columns. Set that filtered report for the Columns by Year, and the date range is the Two Year Range. Now retitle this one as "Year over Year Comparison" and Memorize it as New, not Replace.


Now you have every perspective you asked for.

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Year End Sales Rep Grand Total Report?

I'm was able to understand paragraph 1 and 2 without a problem.  I'm not sure I understand paragraph 3, "run the report fresh?"  If you mean to run the Sales by Rep Summary report and filter Item = Multiple it nearly impossible.  There are 100's of them.  

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Year End Sales Rep Grand Total Report?

Good day, Nancyl,


Allow me to chime into this conversation.


Since you need to get a comparison report for your 2017 and 2018 Year End Sales Rep totals, you can start a a new report (without filters). Once done, customize the report by Item. If you have several items on the filter, you can drag down your mouse to auto-select or unselect them.


Once you're done, follow the steps provided by Qbteachmt and save it to the same Group you saved the reports.


That should do it, Nancyl. Please feel free to get back to us if you need further assistance with your reports. I'll be glad to work with you again.


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