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Create a bundle

Learn how to create a bundle in QuickBooks Commerce.

You can create bundles to increase your sales in QuickBooks Commerce. Add a product set as a new product, then adjust the variants according to your bundle’s composition. Here’s how.

If you have plenty of bundles to make, learn more about the Bundles Converter tool.

Step 1: Create a new product

Note: A bundle is not a true Purchased Product, it’s a bundle of multiple variants. 

  1. In Quickbooks Commerce, go to Products.
  2. From the Create New ▼ dropdown menu, select Create New Purchased Product.
  3. Enter your product details.
  4. Since a bundle is not a true Purchased Product, enter “0”  for both the Initial Cost and Initial Stock fields.
  5.  Leave the Buy Price, Wholesale Price, and Retail Price fields blank.
  6. Select Create Product.

Step 2: Add a bundle

After creating the product, you can now add a bundle as a variant within existing products.

  1. Select Add A New Bundle.
  2. Fill in the Variant Details, Configurations, and Prices as required, then select Save Changes.
  3. In the Bundle Composition tab, search for and start to add variants to your bundle.
    Note: You can adjust the quantity of each variant as required.
  4. Select Save Changes.
  5. Add and update the information for your bundle within the other tabs, including Images and Stock Locations.

If you want to delete the product's default variant

In the Published column, select the ▼ drop-down menu and select Delete Variants.

Step 3: Publish your bundle to your sales channel(s)

When the info for your bundle is complete, you can now publish or link it to the Sales Channels associated with QuickBooks Commerce, by selecting the Sales Channel tab.

Note: Not all sales channel integrations will allow QuickBooks Commerce to publish variants to them. Some sales channels will require you to create the variant in each channel separately, then link at the SKU level from QuickBooks Commerce.

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