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All Online Payroll - NSF Holds

Intuit uses a variety of hold types to assist in the resolving of balances due, performing security checks and risk assessments. If you tried to send payroll and received an error message or you received an email, action on your behalf is most likely needed so you can begin to use your payroll service again.

Account suspensions: Bank returns

A bank return is when your financial institution rejects our debits for any number of reasons. Intuit handles different return reasons in different ways and a hold is always placed on your account until all collection activities have finished. In addition to your account being suspended, Bank Returns have a negative effect on your payroll service with Intuit and can prevent requests from being approved such as Direct Deposit limit increases and funding model changes (this applies to Online Payroll customers only).


Your payroll account is on hold because the debit for your payroll or tax payment was returned due to an issue with your bank account. The failed debit to your bank account didn't stop the direct deposits or state tax payments from being made. As a result, there's now a balance due on your account since we've covered the funds for you.

  • If you're on a 1 day lead time: Yes, Intuit doesn't interrupt the direct deposit credits to the employees' accounts.
  • If you're on a 2-day lead time: Yes, Intuit doesn't interrupt the direct deposit credits to the employees' accounts.
  • If you're on a 5-day lead time: No, Direct deposit transactions for the failed debit amount will not be sent to the employees' account.
No, you can issue paper checks to your employees for the time being, and record it in your online payroll once the hold is removed. When creating pay checks that have already been paid, remember to temporarily turn off the direct deposit.
  • State taxes were paid by Intuit. The balance due will need to be resolved by bank wire transfer.

  • Federal taxes were not paid if the direct debit failed. A new payment will need to be rescheduled through the payroll account, or paid directly to the IRS.

When a return is due to insufficient funds an automatic redebit is processed on the day Intuit receives the return from your bank. The account is then put on hold for 5 business days while we wait for confirmation from our bank that funds have been received. You'll be notified by email as to whether this redebit is successful or not.

You can request a wire transfer instead of having a redebit initiated if you need to run payroll with a direct deposit before the 5-day hold is removed.

As soon as you are notified of the insufficient funds hold and prefer to wire funds to Intuit, contact Payroll Risk Management through Chat or by phone at 866-729-2402 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PST Mon- Fri. If the redebit has not processed, Intuit will stop the redebit and provide wire instructions.

Note: Once a redebit is initiated it cannot be stopped. If you choose to send a wire while we are in the middle of a redebit, it may cause an overpayment. The refund of the overpayment will be processed in 7-10 business days but may take up to 30 business days.

When an item is returned on a bank statement, you may see the amount leave and come back to your account. (In other words, the transaction appears as offsetting positive and negative entries on your statement). This may give you the impression that the debit was successful, and that you were refunded the money. However, this is actually not the case.

Please contact your bank for clarification on reading your bank statement, and to answer questions on the returned item. Your bank had notified us that the debit was unsuccessful, so it should be able to explain the reason to you.

There are two forms of payment, a wire which will allow us to remove the hold in 1 business day or VersaPay Online payments which will leave the account on hold for 3-4 business days.

Bank Wire Transfer: Can be initiated from any bank account, it does not need to be the account normally used for payroll debits. All the information that the bank needs in order to complete the wire is included in the letter sent by the ACH Dept. at Intuit Payroll Services. When you take this letter to your bank, they can answer your questions and execute the bank wire transfer.

Wire Processing Time: Intuit will check wires at 1 pm and 4 pm PT daily. If the hold on your account has not been removed, then we have not received the wire yet.

If you did not receive a copy of the wire instructions, please contact Payroll Risk Management by calling 866-729-2402.

Intuit is permitted by NACHA rules and regulations to attempt a debit to your account twice.

If a timely payment has not been received, a redebit will be processed. Your payroll account will remain on hold for 5 banking days. Check your emails for the exact redebit date.

Yes, you can initiate a bank change for your services while a hold is in place. For additional assistance with this process, please contact support.

If redebit fails, you'll receive an email stating that you have until 12 pm PT on the next business day to send Intuit a bank wire transfer. Intuit will also contact you by phone. (See Request a Wire Transfer below for more information).

If Intuit doesn't receive your wire transfer by 12 pm PT the next business day:

  • Payroll service will be terminated.
  • Any outstanding taxes that haven't been collected will be voided and become your responsibility.
  • Outstanding amounts will be sent to our Collections department.

Intuit will check wires at 1pm and 4pm PT daily. If the hold on your account has not been removed, then we have not received the wire yet.

Intuit includes the reason for the failed transaction in the notification email. If you have additional questions regarding the failed transaction, contact your financial institution directly.

You'll need to change the bank account or provide a letter from the bank stating the account is active and will accept Intuit's ACH debit transactions. If your financial institution requests Intuit's Origin Id in order to accept our debit transactions, provide all of the following:

Tax Payment Origin IDs 1943345425 7943345425
Direct Deposit Debit Origin IDs 4462800242
Direct Deposit Return Redebit Origin IDs 5943345425
Subscription Fee's Origin IDs 6943345425
Billing Origin ID 3943345425

Multiple NSFs

If you trigger multiple NSF holds within 12 months, Intuit may move your account to a 5-day funding model and you'll need to send the payroll 5 banking days before the check date. The number of NSF holds required before this occurs may vary depending on the circumstances of those holds. You may ask to have your account reviewed after 6 months on 5-day funding model, if no additional returns have occurred. Excessive NSF holds can lead to the termination of direct deposit services in severe circumstances.

Information specific to your suspension is sent by email, so make sure your contact details (phone number and email) are up-to-date so you are notified immediately on any changes made to the status of your payroll service.

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