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Use employee self-setup for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

Learn how to invite your employees to enter their own bank and other info for payroll.

QuickBooks makes it easy for you to set up employees in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. Here’s how to get started and then invite your employees to enter the rest of their info, like their bank account, etc.

  • The employee self-setup is available for QuickBooks Desktop Basic and Enhanced Payroll only. If you're using Assisted Payroll service, see New Payroll Setup Interview.
  • The new feature is available ONLY to new payroll accounts (those who don't have employees or payroll data in QuickBooks).
  • If you already have payroll data in QuickBooks, future releases will make this feature available.
  • If you are setting up an existing Payroll account, see Payroll Setup Interview

Step 1: Invite your employee

Here’s how to invite your employees to enter their info and get set up in payroll.

Note:The new employee self-setup experience is available to new payroll accounts who choose Express setup on the beginning screen. Feature is currently not available in Detailed setup.

  1. Select Express Setup. User-added image
  2. On the Basic Employee details screen, fill out the needed information.
  3. Mark the Invite this employee to enter their personal details checkbox, then select Continue. User-added image
  4. Enter your employee’s pay details (such as wage, pay frequency, vacation, and sick accruals, etc.).
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Review the info you’ve entered, then select Finish.

An email invitation will be sent to your employee, requesting that they enter their personal info, bank account (when applicable), and tax details. Here's how your employees can enter their payroll info.

Step 2: View your employee’s status

  1. Go to Employees menu, then select Payroll Setup. User-added image
  2. Under Payroll setup, select Employees. Note:You can toggle employee status to Active or Inactive in the Emp. Status column. The status is green if the employee is active.
    Active: Use this status to identify an employee who is currently on your payroll and actively working for your company.

    Inactive: Use this status to identify an employee who is temporarily on leave but still employed by your company. Some examples of why an employee may take a temporary leave include military service, maternity leave, sabbatical leave, or because they're a seasonal employee.

    User-added image

  3. Go the Setup Status column (this shows where your employee is with the self-setup process). Select the small arrow ▼ icon in the action column if you need to remind, cancel invite, or edit the info yourself. Refer to below chart for more info on a certain status.

Setup Status Meaning Actions you can take
Invited Invitation has been sent, but your employee has not yet accepted it. At this point, you can choose to either:
  • Remind ( lets you send a reminder email to your employee),
  • Cancel invite (lets you fill in all employee details), or
  • Edit (lets you edit any of the employee information you have previously entered). User-added image
In progress The employee has started to fill out their information, but has not finished.
Waiting for Approval Your employee has completed all necessary information, but you have not yet reviewed the information entered by your employee.

If the info is accurate

  1. Select the small arrow ▼ icon in the action column, then choose Review.
  2. Select Approve, then Yes to complete the approval.

If the info is incorrect

  1. Select the small arrow ▼ icon in the action column, then choose Reject.
  2. Choose between requesting to have your employee fill out their details again, or complete the employee details yourself. User-added image
Missing Info The employee invite was canceled, but you have not yet finished entering the employee information. At any time during the process, you can cancel the invitation. Select the small arrow ▼ icon in the Action column, then Cancel invite.

If the employee has already started to fill out their details, you will be asked if you still want to cancel the invite.

Select Yes to cancel, which will allow you to enter your employee details yourself.

Completed The employee has completed all necessary information and you have reviewed and approved the entries

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