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Advice on Hiring First Employee

I'm running a small business by myself.  I need to hire some help so I have time to expand the business.  I've talked to a few prospects, but it's clear I have no idea what makes a good employee.  In your experience, what should I be looking for in a long term part time employee?  Personality traits?  Experience?


I don't have time to get this wrong.

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Advice on Hiring First Employee

I think that this answer depends on you. The key to success of any organization is the leadership and the people. If you get the leadership part right (you) then the people part should be naturally attracted to you. People bring talents that make you better. People you hire should bring joy to you, passion for the business, accountability, and problems too. But the problems can be good to help you really focus on what you want. 


In the book by Ken Blanchard, "Create Raving Fans" on key to success is:

1. Decide what you want

2. Discover what your customer wants

3. Deliver what the customers wants; deliver the vision plus 1%

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Advice on Hiring First Employee

Hi @Fobitty I'm so glad you asked this question. I too have been doing some research on this topic so would love to hear what others have to say here. @SteveChase thanks for sharing the article! 

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