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Automate Transfer Bunds between Accounts

I transfer funds from my primary back account to  a couple of other bank accounts weekly.  The amount is the same.  How can I automate this?



I use desktop 2016 pro.


I go to Banking -> Transfer Funds 

to make transfers.



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Level 3

Automate Transfer Bunds between Accounts

I am not using the same version, though the following should work:


1. Go to the register for your account you transfer the funds from (1. Select Banking from the top menu, Use Register or 2. Trial Balance, double click on the account : either of these should open the register for the account with one line per transaction showing Date, Number, Payee, Account, Payment, Deposit and Balance).


2. Right click on the last transfer entry you want to automate, select Memorise transfer, give it a name, tick Automate Transaction Entry and specify How Often, Next Date etc,.



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