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Benefits of a FAQ Page

Good afternoon, QuickBooks Community!! The question of today is, do you have a FAQ page? If you aren't aware of this, FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. This can be useful in your business for customers to get better acquainted with your product or services.


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Here are some benefits of having a FAQ page:


Address Your Audience Needs
This can be set up as a little blog or hub where your customers can get more information about your product and services. You can do this by analyzing or observing questions that customers constantly asked and create informative and accurate content to address this.


Be a Trusted Expert
Let's say you are in Best Buy and trying to find the best computer to buy, and you seek advice from a representative to help you. The reason you went to them is that you believe they are an expert in this field and can provide more knowledge before purchasing a computer. This is the same way customer should view your FAQ. It should help establish your business as a trusted expert. The aim is for your company to be viewed as reliable because you give the best answer to their questions, which can lead to gaining potential customers' trust.


Sales, Sales, Sales!
One strategist suggested having your FAQ tailored to the customer's specific needs and even adding links sending them directly to your products and services online shops. This increases traffic and provides the convenience that can influence visitors to purchase your goods and services.


Boost your Search Engine Optimization
You can use your FAQ to publish good content about your business, product, and service and help Google understand your business. Depending on how effective your page is, it can boost your rank. Adding keyword-rich content can assist in increasing your search engine optimization as well.


Can you see the benefits of having this FAQ page? If you do have one, would you say it's beneficial? Please let us know below by commenting. Until then, continue to be safe and be well, my Community comrades.

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Content Leader

Benefits of a FAQ Page

Love this! It's always a great idea to have a FAQ section on your website. So handy for small businesses.

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