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Have you planned your business strategy for this Valentine Day

Hi Everyone,


How must a business gear up to face Holidays and Special Days? Any ideas?


Ever thought of making a calender at the beginning of every year and marking out the Holidays and Special Days and having a strategy for such days.


Businesses can do well if they plan out these special times and work sales strategies around them.


Holiday season is big time for most businesses and so are Special Days such as Valentines Day.


Planning for such days one must consider Stocks and Labour. Also this is the time when Employees too want offs. 


Having a plan and working out all the details over and over before the rush starts could be a good way to be one step ahead. 


Above all this is also the time when the very very special people around you want to spend more time with you. So plan for that too. 


Have a Great time everyone.



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Have you planned your business strategy for this Valentine Day

Love this, @Sangeethmathew!! For the major holidays/events you have nothing to lose by showing a little spirit, even if the tie-in feels like a stretch. Our local pet shop is currently advertising a Valentine's Day sale on lovebirds, and I laugh every time I pass that sign. Same goes for the soap and candle store that made a display for the Super Bowl (because nothing says football like bath bombs?). Basically, why not have a little fun with it? 


And yes to planning ahead! This Thursday is the perfect time to stock up on discounted Valentine's Day decorations for NEXT year :smileyhappy:

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