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How 7 Entrepreneurs Use Instagram to Market Their Businesses

When small businesses get their products and services in front of the huge numbers of social media users, there’s a good chance their sales will soar. In fact, 94% of small businesses use social media to market and promote their brand. For good reason, too: Younger users (16-34) report researching products on social media before buying and 23% say that seeing a “like” is a purchase driver.


Seven entrepreneurs from the QuickBooks Community share their strategies making Instagram (and more!) work for them. Check out their links to see them in action!



Benjamin Steele of Sir Wylde, men’s accessories

Instagram followers: almost 10K


“I post content on Instagram and Twitter. Some of our posts have gone viral and that’s been a big help. We usually receive five times more people to our website after we’ve posted content out on our social media channels. PR works as well. For every news station that covers us, it means at least $500 in sales and $2,000 to $3,000 if it’s a larger news source.”




Makeup artist Lottie Hadwen of Makeup by Lottie

Instagram followers: almost 2k


Social media is without doubt the most important marketing tool I use. My target demographic spends more time consuming information via social media than they do watching TV or reading magazines. There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not uploading a new tutorial, adding images to my online portfolio, engaging with my followers or updating my paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. I think the key to a successful social media campaign is to constantly be on top of the action.” 




Emily Carr of The Blonde Moose, wood-burned home goods

Instagram followers: just over 10K


“A friend who runs a very successful Etsy shop recommended I get on Instagram to promote my store and products because she said her business blew up when she joined. I took her advice, and it’s made all the difference!"


"I try to post to my Instagram account a couple times per day, which seems to work well. I’ve also purchased features from Etsy promoters a few times, which helped get more followers and sales. Other than that, it's all about consistency. I talk with my customers, I respond to feedback and I try to be really personable online.”



Ashley Dion of Herbs + Oils Bath, natural beauty products

Instagram followers: 772


“People don't want to read something, they just want to quickly scan through their feed and 'like' things. Therefore, Instagram has become my main focus. I love being able to follow people based on my likes and what I want my company to reflect. I've also been able to find cool partners for my business on Instagram. On top of that, we have customers who will post photos of our products on Instagram as kind of a, 'Hey, this was my haul of the day’ post or ‘Just got this in the mail!’ post.”




Valerie Evans of Plaid Love Threads, vintage-inspired art and jewelry

Instagram followers: just over 5k


Instagram is a great marketing tool, but it can be hard to tell where your clients are coming from. Of course, followers don't equal customers, but the maker community is so uplifting and it's really about giving a personal element to my business. It's all about engagement and reaching out to fans -- I’m forming a relationship, which creates trust, which in turn brings in customers.”




Samantha Ives of Maker & Mineral, handmade clothing

Instagram followers: nearly 13k


“In the beginning, friends were my first customers. But my first sale through my website was a stranger who found me on Instagram — which I thought was awesome. Instagram is how I do most of my publicity, as it's a really amazing tool. It can be hard to stand out on the platform, but I try to let my products speak for themselves. I also have talented photographer friends I rely on because the images I use have to be great. I try to contact other artists on Instagram, too, to make new connections and it's worked out so far!”



Amanda Williams of YarnHouseCreations, crochet and fiber art

Instagram followers: nearly 41k


“Some things I make get a lot of attention on Instagram, but people don’t buy them, while others I don’t especially like will get a bunch of sales when I post them on Etsy. I’m always surprised by the type of people I attract, like when I see an old grandpa follow me on Instagram. I have a wide range of followers! I don’t know what it is about my art, but it appeals to all sorts of people, which is amazing.”

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How do you use social media to help your business grow?


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