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How much do you usually sleep and work?

How much do you usually sleep and work? What schedule do you have?

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How much do you usually sleep and work?



Serendipitous, I've been thinking about that a ton lately. I aim for at least 7 hours but ideally want 8 hours. I used to get around 6 a day and that took a toll.


What I've recently realized is how important a set bedtime is - even if I get less than 7 hours, maybe I need to get up early the next day for something, if I go to bed around the same time, I am relaxed and fall asleep more easily. On days when I go to sleep way later but get 8 hours of sleep, I actually feel worse. 


Work hours, I try to do about 10 hours a day, but I am a workaholic. 

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How much do you usually sleep and work?

What an interesting question, @BobbySingler! I'd say I keep pretty standard hours, usually, but a lot depends on what (or how much) I've got on my mind. Quite often I'll go to bed at the regular time and then wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason, start thinking about a particularly thorny problem, and try to work it through in my head. Next thing you know, I can't get back to sleep and I'm up till the sun. Those are the nights when I just get out of the bed at 3 AM or whatever it is just plug away. No sense tossing and turning all night - I'll only wake up tired having nothing to show for my worrying.


Does that every happen to you?

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How much do you usually sleep and work?

According to the National Sleep Foundation the recommended amount of sleep is 7–9 hours. The best times can vary from person to person but it remains important to generally follow the cycle of the sun. But there are always exceptions. For example read about 10 famous people who barely sleep this is quite interesting.

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How much do you usually sleep and work?

I work 12 to 8pm.  I usually go to bed by 1am and wake each day around 830am  This makes me feel rested and ready to go.   Those hours before sleep I watch tv, check emails, and by 11:30pm I am ready to relax for the night.  I normally work between 7 and 8 hrs a day.

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