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Looking for verbage to include on estimates for recommendations

I'm searching for some assistance from others that might have this issue.  I would like to add somewhere on my estimates our company recommendation for specific product and also have a place where the customer can acknowledge they have read the recommendation and declined. 

For example we are a solar business:
We give a customer a quote for say 6 panels and 4 batteries but we would recommend that they actually would need 6 batteries not 4 to service their needs.

Our goal is to have a signature of the customer so that cannot come back to us complaining  that the system we have installed is not fully supporting theie needs, when we have told them what they needed up front.

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Re: Looking for verbage to include on estimates for recommendations

QB is really not set up for that kind of thing, the best you could do is create a service item with that statement in the description and use it as the last item for a zero sales price.


But there is no way for the customer to say, Ok give me 6 batteries and have it calculate the additional cost.  If it were me, I do would that kind of thing on a paper estimate and when signed off by the customer, then enter it in QB.

QB is accounting and not really suited to work flow type things

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