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Looking for ways to make our overall accounting process quicker and more efficient. All advice welcomed.

Looking for some advice from other QBO users. Bare with me, this may be long.


We have been running a labor company since 2015. Currently using QBO Plus. I saw there is some interesting new invoicing features with QBO advanced and thought it may be an option for us. Overall I’m looking on ways to make our overall accounting process quicker and more efficient. I do the invoicing, payroll, accounts payables and everything in between involving financials and with us being up to almost 150 employees it is difficult to finish everything that needs to be done within one week. I’m looking for quicker invoice processing, quicker methods for payroll, quicker methods for entering bills. Any advice or tips, I’m here for it. My first priority is payroll and 1099s. Currently I’m entering W2 payrolls into a spread sheet first. This includes all employee names, their positions, the company they are working for through us, inshore/offshore, payrate, straight time hours, overtime payrate, overtime hours, total hours, deductions, garnishments and finally per diem. Then I do the same type of spreadsheet for 1099 guys. And then I finally start entering that information into Quickbooks. I feel like I’m doing way too many steps and can quicken the process but with over 30 different time sheets I’m taking all this information from, a payrate sheet that changes every week, new employees every week and multiple other factors. This seems to be the only method I felt that kept me organized until this point. If you dealt with a similar process in your work life, what did you do different? I almost wish I could enter all this information into the spread sheet I am and then upload it to Quickbooks and it creates all the checks and direct deposits for me while updating payrate and everything else. Again any advice is sincerely appreciated!

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