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Make Every Day Employee Recognition Day

It’s Employee Recognition Day! Dr. Bob Nelson, author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, created the day in 1994, so it may surprise you to know that he now thinks it’s a “little silly.” The idea behind the day, he said, is to not only recognize employees one day a year, but to make this the day you have a conversation about recognizing employees all year long.


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How important is recognizing employees? It affects employee retention and your bottom line. A survey of full-time employees showed that 50% considered employee recognition as a reason to stay with a company, while another found that 46% of employees surveyed considered recognition in the workplace very important, but only 26% were very satisfied with the level of recognition they received.


Employee recognition not only gives credit where credit is due, it also helps keep costs down - decreasing cost-to-hire and reducing time spent on interviewing, hiring and onboarding a new employee. Happy employees also increase overall success: engaged employees are 26% more productive at work. Recognize your employees, and your employees boost your business -- it’s a win-win!


How can you increase your year-round employee recognition program? Today is the day to talk about it! Right after you’re done appreciating all your staff, of course.

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Make Every Day Employee Recognition Day


You couldn’t have said it better. Recognition, Leadership, and Environment are key to motivating personal 

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Make Every Day Employee Recognition Day

There's nothing "silly" about being smart! The striking stats in this article are a fantastic illustration of what we already know: that it's human nature to want to be recognized for our efforts (at work and at home, too). Creating a single day for employee appreciation doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize our employees every day - it just means that, in addition to seeking positive feedback and recognition, we humans also love anniversaries, holidays, and pretty much any excuse to mark and celebrate an occasion. Dr. Bob Nelson, inventor of Employee Appreciation Day, sounds like a true sociologist :heart:

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Make Every Day Employee Recognition Day



I agree. One of the biggest fears people face quite often is of speaking in public.


One of my ex bosses used to always call us in 10 mins before our morning check in to his cabin. He would then make one of us speak about his or her experience the previous day.


Suggestion made at such meetings used to be dealt with seriously. Also speaking like that in a crowd gave us more confidence. 


Later on as time went by I realized why he did that. Now that is a leader and that is how a great organization runs.


It’s not only what you bring in that’s important to them. It’s what you take out that is important too.

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