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Make Time for What Matters

Happy Wednesday, Community! Anyone else feeling the summer slowly slipping away? It feels like I was just planting in my garden for the spring (a moment of silence for my crispy plants in this heat) and here we are with a few weeks until school starts!


As we are finishing up July of this year, there’s a topic that I feel is always worth revisiting. I was watching a show recently, highlighting a business owner who was venturing on to open a new restaurant. When the host talked to his family, they expressed how proud of him they were…but mentioned they wish they had more time with him.

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In life, there will always be seasons when your business or new idea takes up a large chunk of your time and thoughts. Sometimes the thrill of a new opportunity is exciting and you want everything to be perfect. People throw around the term “work-life balance” left and right but I want to give you some tangible ideas on how to actually apply this to your life as a business owner.


Have a hard stop time (when you can)
I know most of these suggestions will need a little asterisk next to them because there are many times when things pop up that you need to take care of. But when it’s possible, pick a reasonable time to be done, and stick with it. It’s easy to find last-minute things to do but prioritize your personal time when you can.


Schedule time for fun
You schedule your appointments, calls, and so many other things. Put something in there that you want to do for fun. Whether it’s with family or friends (or just yourself), having a plan to unwind and relax will make it easier to stick to. Skip the “we should do something” conversation and get something on the books.


Delegate delegate delegate
This is a hard one for so many people. Of course, we all like things done a certain way, but know that you were not meant to do everything on your own. Think about something you do that maybe is time-consuming but is pretty easy to learn. Pick an employee and train them to help you with that task. Or utilize a manager to take over certain responsibilities so you can focus on other things.


Consider this your reminder to take a deep breath and make time for things that make you happy. How about you Community? What have you done lately for yourself?

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