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Online version versus desktop version

We are a small business with 8 employees based in South Africa. We were previously using the desktop pro versions and in March 2019 transitioned to the online version to take advantage of the bank feed options. Despite the option working exceptionally well, we have discovered a number of issues relating to emailed quotes and invoice which I believe are detrimental to my business, such that we have lost revenue, and as a result are now looking around for alternative software options to meet our needs. For instance, when forwarding a quote from the desktop version, our email client MS Outlook would open with the quote as a pdf attachment. When sent, we would now have an audit trail of the sent email, as well as the email address to which sent. If the email address was incorrect, we would receive notification of a delivery failure. Unfortunately with the online version, this does not happen. One is given the option to print off a copy of the quotation, however, nowhere on the pdf document can one see the email address, neither is one notified of a delivery failure. One now only finds this out a week or so later when you do a follow up call to the client only to be told that they had not received the quote and due to the urgency had to resort to an alternative supplier. Surely we are not the only people experiencing this severe shortcoming, so much so that we are now considering dumping the software both online and desktop versions.

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Re: Online version versus desktop version

hi Kevbus10 ,

It is a good time for you considering an add-on to monitor your quote easily. You may explore Qwilr, Quotewerks, and Quotient. Hope one of them helps you.

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