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QUESTION: Do You Have Any Business Superstitions?


September 13 is National Defy Superstition Day! I’m not totally sure, but I suppose that means today is the day to walk under a ladder or spill salt without expecting any adverse outcomes. Many superstitions are based on the idea that if you do X, a bad thing will happen. But then there’s another kind of superstition: if you do Y, the outcome will be good. Think: MLB players not shaving their beards during playoffs, or performing the sign of the cross before a dive.


It’s not just athletes, business people also have a ton of superstitions! From assuming the power stance before big presentations, to framing the first dollar your business made, to Lucky Cat watching over your store, to wearing the same tie/socks/undies to important meetings -- all with the hope that things will go the right way.


So, QB Community members, what are your superstitions? And, do they work?

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