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QUESTION: How do *you* take a stress-free vacation?

Do you remember the last time you took a vacation? If you can’t, maybe it’s because just thinking about how you’ll keep your business running when you’re OOO (out of office) is overwhelming.


That being said, the only thing worse than not taking a vacation is taking one but feeling stressed about work and distracted the whole time. With this in mind, we want to know:


How do *you* take a stress-free vacation? What tips can you share about putting people and/or processes in place so you can focus on the important business of resting, relaxing and recharging?


We can’t wait to hear your strategies for successfully kickin’ back. And you can read this article for more tips about taking a truly relaxing vacay.


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QUESTION: How do *you* take a stress-free vacation?

Good question! I don't know. I'm headed out on vacation shortly and what I'm noticing is that I'm extra stressed now because I'm working harder to prepare for the time I'll be away. Which seems counter productive to be sure. By the time I am on the vacation I think I'll be more depleted than normal. So will the rest and relaxation of vacation get me back to a state of normal tiredness? Or will it be enough to actually fill the well up a bit, too? I'll let you know when I get home :-) 

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QUESTION: How do *you* take a stress-free vacation?

Agree with @ShanaNiederman on the importance of front-loading. It's way more relaxing to work ahead a bit than to play a lot of catch-up upon your return. Also: LEAVE. THE. COMPUTER. AT. HOME!

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QUESTION: How do *you* take a stress-free vacation?

Gonna totally, @EmilyCowan!

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