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QuickBooks Team

Saving on Startup Costs

There's the old adage that one has to spend money to make money. Perhaps it's in this spirit that some businesses get carried away and overspend on things. This spending can be especially tricky for new companies since resources can quickly get stretched thin.


I recently read an article by the Forbes Finance Council on this topic and wanted to share it here: 14 Unnecessary Startup Expenses Wasting Hard-Earned Money.



As we put 2019 in our rear-view mirror and look to a new decade of opportunities, many of us will be looking at starting or revamping businesses. Given this timing, I felt it would be a good resource and topic to discuss. 


Whether you're just getting started, are an established entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, I'd love to hear your thought on this! Maybe there's a suggestion in the article that you wish you knew when starting out. Perhaps there are other lessons on spending that you've learned and want to share. 


Something that stood out to me was how changes in business and technology have fueled some of the suggestions. The idea of not having office space would have sounded a bit more unusual five or ten years ago. 


Every business has a story, and I hope to hear more about yours. Cheering everyone to continued success! 

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