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Setting Up Member Contributions & End of Year Statement for 501c3 (Quickbooks Online)

We are a new church plant and were debating utilizing Quickbooks online or nonprofit. The customer service rep convinced me to go online with more options. The problem is after I ordered online, it did not have the option to create member contribution statments which is important to any non-profit. In short, I wanted to merge giving/donations/etc. to one system vs going back and forth between one in accounting and one for our contributions. I called Quickbooks and the rep tried to help me out, but couldnt. However, he led me down a path and I figured it out.


#1 First, decide how you will track your donations.

This was important as I didnt want my contribution statements to merge with accounting because I can pull that information directly from my bank.


#2 Keep your donations in one account. Example. If John Doe gives monthly, it shouldnt be 4 seperate transactions. However, once you click into John Doe's record you should then see all 4 transactions.


#3 Put your Year End Contribution message in the notes section of John Doe's record. At the end of the year, you can run a batch of all your contributions


Hope this helps as it's hard to describe exactly what I did, but I had to figure something out when the customer service agent did his best but couldnt get a solution!

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Setting Up Member Contributions & End of Year Statement for 501c3 (Quickbooks Online)

@TPCC welcome to QB Community, and congratulations on solving a thorny problem on your own! Totally awesome.


New member @Anonymous posted recently about adapting QuickBooks for nonprofit. I should put you two together :smileyhappy:

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